The television and movie actress began renovating her West Village home in 2013

By Georgia Slater
December 09, 2019 10:37 AM

Maura Tierney is giving a sneak peek at her creatively redesigned West Village home.

The Affair actress, 54, gave Architectural Digest a tour of her reinvented New York City townhouse, letting the outlet in on her favorite parts of the home and the inspiration behind the transformation.

Tierney — who has lived in her building since 1995 — began her new project in 2013, along with the help of her contractor, Vincent Scotto, and interior designer Michael Angelo Stuno.

Credit: Max Burkhalter for Architectural Digest

She told the outlet that she believes her home was once operated as single-room occupancies for workers who were building more luxurious buildings nearby. As many of the rooms were small and closed off from one another, Tierney knew she wanted more open space in her home.

“I ripped everything out down to the studs,” she told AD. “It was trying.”

One of the larger projects that happened in the home was building an outdoor shower from a shaft that had once run through the center of her building.

Credit: Max Burkhalter for Architectural Digest

While outdoor showers are not as typical in the Big Apple, Tierney explained her Moroccan-styled bathroom was “heaven” for her, adding that “even when it’s raining or snowing it gets steamy in there.”

The actress also created a sitting area which she finds to be “a pretty place to chill out.”

What started as part of the roof, actually became an essential space for Tierney, AD reported, as she heads there to drink her morning coffee and hosts friends at night.

Credit: Max Burkhalter for Architectural Digest

Tierney and her team also turned her former tar deck into a spacious terrace area, complete with a variety of seating for entertaining.

Credit: Max Burkhalter for Architectural Digest

The quaint spot is affixed with lighting so that Tierney and her guests can enjoy the space day or night.

According to AD, Tierney also added a guest bathroom, a top-floor office and used much of her own art collection to decorate her home. However, being tasked with renovations wasn’t always easy for the actress.

“There are some people who love this process,” she said. “I’m not one of them—it makes me nervous.”

In the end, however, she said it was worth the hassle.

She admitted, “As stressful as the renovation was, the house is so pretty now, and relaxing.”