"I think I started this whole category of lifestyle," Martha Stewart previously said in regards to the actress' Goop launch

Here we go(op) again!

While appearing on the first episode of Barstool’s The Corp season 2, Martha Stewart revealed that she still does not follow Gwyneth Paltrow‘s growing wellness and lifestyle brand, Goop.

“I don’t follow Goop,” Stewart, 78, told podcast hosts Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez and Barstool’s Dan ‘Big Cat’ Katz. “Sometimes I look at the products that she’s selling.”

Although she’s not a loyal follower, she clarified that she supports any entrepreneur who has a vision and chases after it.

“I wish every young entrepreneur well, and I hope that there are many, many, many different kinds of entrepreneurs … if they’re movie stars or hardworking women like I am, who are not movie stars,” she explained.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Martha Stewart
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“If they have a good idea, I want them to be able to succeed,” Stewart added. “So good luck, Gwyneth.”

The lifestyle icon’s comments are unsurprising to many who may remember her tense feud with Paltrow, 46, when the Oscar-winning actress first launched her lifestyle brand.

In 2014, Stewart spoke out against Paltrow, saying if the actress “were confident in her acting she wouldn’t be trying to be Martha Stewart.” She even made a dig at Paltrow’s “conscious uncoupling” from husband Chris Martin in her 2014 fall issue of Martha Stewart Living. In the magazine, she published a spread cheekily titled “Conscious Coupling,” which focused on the “perfect marriage” of different holiday pies.

“Every Thanksgiving table should be blessed with the presence of a long-married pair who bring out the best in each other, are completely enamored despite their differences, and leave every other guest thinking, I’ll have what they’re having,” the Martha Stewart Living piece read at the time. “Our holiday pies honor such partnerships, each spotlighting the perfect marriage of crust and filling so there’s a pleasant mix of textures and flavors in every bite.”

Gwyneth Paltrow, Martha Stewart
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In response to Stewart’s “Conscious Coupling” dig, at the time, Entertainment Tonight reported that Paltrow shared a recipe on Goop’s site titled “Jailbird Cake” to poke fun at the lifestyle mogul’s 2004 jail sentence.

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The actress later made light of Stewart’s subtle shade while attending Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit that same year.

“No one has ever said anything bad about me before, so I’m shocked and devastated,” Paltrow joked. “I’ll try to recover.”

In 2017, while appearing on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, when a caller asked Stweart to comment on health allegations against Paltrow’s company, she joked “Who’s Goop?”