The Most Joy-Sparking Photos of Marie Kondo's Littlest Helpers: Her Daughters!

"It sparks joy that they're such good friends for each other," the organizational expert and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up author writes of her two daughters

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Smiles for Miles Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

The organizational guru and author of the cult-favorite book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is all about focusing on the things in life (and in your closet) that spark joy.

Beyond her soothing KonMari Method of organization — documented in her new Netflix series Tidying Up — Kondo finds her greatest joy in spending time with her and husband Takumi Kawahara's two daughters, Satsuki, 3, and Miko, 2.

"My daughter’s big smile makes me happy," she captioned an adorable snap of her and her girls on Instagram.

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Birthday Baby Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

Welcoming her first daughter, Satsuki, into her Tokyo home in July 2015 brought new challenges to maintaining Kondo's pristine, organized household.

The cleaning queen shared years ago that she plans to lead by example when it comes to teaching her daughter to pick up after herself. "She’s still only six months, but when she’s a little older, of course, I’ll teach her how to tidy. Even now, when I’m folding clothes, she watches how it’s done."

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Picnic Playmates Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

If those baby blue bonnets don't spark joy, we don't know what does.

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Mess Maker
Marie Kondo/Instagram

Even professional organizers aren't immune to the oft-messy reality of having a child — but Kondo takes it all in stride. "It happens sometimes! My little one is curious about everything!" she admitted on Instagram.

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Heaps of Fun Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

Satsuki seemed to have a blast lending her mom a helping hand as she sorted through a pile of clothes.

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Tiny Tidier Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

"A recent Harvard study found that children who have chores feel more invested in their home and find greater satisfaction later in work and life. This comes as no surprise to me, as tidying requires mindfulness, fosters gratitude, and instills discipline!" Kondo shared on Instagram, alongside an adorable shot of Satsuki helping to wipe down some white racks.

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Future Folder? Kondo/Instagram

Like mother, like daughter! For International Women's Day 2017, Kondo shared a sweet tribute to her oldest daughter on Instagram, along with a photo of them folding cloth napkins together.

"Happy International Women's Day! Sharing my passion for tidying with my daughter, who I hope will grow up in a world that supports whatever brings her joy."

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Book Worm Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

Even baby Miko is eager to learn her mom's decluttering secrets! "My younger daughter got her hands on a copy of The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up," Kondo captioned an Instagram post in which her daughter seems to be captivated by the back cover of her graphic novel, which centers on a woman who transforms her home and life with the help of Kondo's famous methods. "She'll be sharing her review shortly," the mom-of-two added, alongside a crying-laughing emoji.

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Time to Shine Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

Kondo let her oldest daughter in on one of her secrets to a longer-lasting wardrobe. "My little helper is back at it. Wiping the backs and bottoms of shoes so they'll continue to feel new," she shared on Instagram.

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Gifts Galore Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

For Satsuki's second birthday, Kondo clearly picked out some seriously joy-sparking additions to her wardrobe. "Our daughter recently celebrated her birthday, and she's already developing her own sense of style," the mom-of-two shared on Instagram, adding a crying-laughing emoji.

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Pattern Play Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

Kondo's youngest daughter, Miko, looked adorable all bundled up in coordinated floral prints while playing in the leaves.

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Sweet Sisters Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

"My two girls are each other's best friends," Kondo proudly shared on Instagram.

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Making Moves Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

While the 34-year-old's happy place may be in a pristinely organized home, her youngest daughter has a different sort of spot in mind. "This is my daughter's 'spark joy' place," she revealed to her followers on Instagram.

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Dream Team Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree! "They caught the spring cleaning bug," Kondo joked of her little ones folding hand towels in proper KonMari style.

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Spin Cycle Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

Life's not all about tidying up! The girls looked eager for another go around the spinning wheel during a sunny afternoon trip to the park with their mom.

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Helping Hands Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

For Mother's Day 2018, the queen of clean celebrated with her little ones, who wore adorable patterned dresses as they carried a bucket full of sand toys together. "These two little souls are my treasure," she wrote on Instagram.

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Giggly Gals Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

"No matter what kind of day I had, I forget it all when I see their huge smiles," Kondo wrote of her daughters' beaming expressions.

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Follow the Leader Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

Kondo loves to see her girls getting along. "It sparks joy that they're such good friends for each other," she shared on Instagram. For her and us both!

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Passion for Pottery Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

Pottery and painting may not be the cleanest hobbies, but Kondo clearly supports her daughters in discovering their own joy. "The girls made a piggy bank," she shared of their fun outing. ⠀

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Chow Down Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

There will be no cutting the corn off the cob for this happy camper!

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Back to School Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

Ahead of Satsuki's first day of school, the super-mom made sure to pack her oldest daughter some healthy snacks — and of course her lunchbox is beautifully organized. (Also, how cute are those PJ sets?!)

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Pumpkin Patch Kids Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

Miko and Satsuki seemed to have no problem finding the pumpkins that sparked the most joy.

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Feeling Festive Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

Miko's 'just-decorated-the-Christmas-tree' reaction is a full-on holiday mood.

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Peekaboo! Kondo/Instagram
Marie Kondo/Instagram

Perhaps the most joy-sparking photo of all.

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