The pop legend proves she's ready-for-anything when travel plans go awry abroad

Mariah Carey is a diva with a discount in her new ad campaign.

In a hilarious spot for the international hostel booking site Hostelworld, the pop legend, 48, turns up at a hostel after herassistantt accidentally booked it instead of a luxury hotel.

After some shenanigans with the overwhelmed (and fully fan-girling) staff, and an awkward run-in that finds the mother of two crammed in an elevator with a shirtless guy brushing his teeth, she, of course, realizes the accommodations are perfectly to her liking.

The very real hostel — it’s Casa Gracia in Barcelona — offers stylish bunk rooms (for her entourage) and a private suite that looks like any nice hotel room, for MC herself. Unlike what many travelers remember from college excursions abroad, many of the hostels offered on the site do offer private rooms and high-design hangouts.

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One such socializing spot catches the attention of the Grammy winner in the ad. When she’s informed there’s a bar on site by the hostel manager, she slips into something a little more comfortable — a glittery gold gown — and heads down for an impromptu singalong to her 1996 hit “Fantasy.”

Carey proves she can pull off a show-stopping performance, even in a dive bar, when her assistants create a wind machine and release a white dove to flutter around her as she belts out her gratitude for the travel fantasy come to life.

Hostelworld offers 35,000 listings in 170 countries around the world.