Credit: Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

Planning a party for a celebrity is pretty much the same as planning one for a regular person — with one exception.

With normal people “you don’t usually have to worry about security and cell phone checks,” event planner Marcy Blum tells PEOPLE.

Blum’s client list includes Kevin Bacon, Billy Joel and LeBron James, to name a few. But she attributes her success to not treating her A-listers as such. “I think the reason I get hired often by celebrities is because I refuse to treat them as if they’re celebrities,” she says. “And I think they appreciate that.”

Whether you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve bash for a bunch of celebs or hosting a simple celebratory dinner, Blum has a few tips to get your through this party-filled season (without extra stress).

Credit: Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

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Do bring a helpful hostess gift. “Don’t bring something that can’t be either served or put out,” she advises. “If you’re bringing flowers, bring them in a vase. If you’re bringing a cake, then get a fabulous cake plate so they can put it out at the event rather than having to scurry through their closets to find something.”

Don’t just give a gift card. “I like to give a gift card with something else that’s personal,” she says. “Sometimes I’ll put a gift card with a great doggy gift or a candle.”

Do mix and match decor. Blum is all about shopping around so that your style reflects you, rather than your favorite store, naming HomeGoods as one of her favorite places for “Marcy Blum-ish” finds. “I’m able to do things with my personality rather than the other way around,” she says.

Don’t disregard the coatroom. “One thing that drives me crazy is the ‘no coat room’ situation,” she laughs, saying a simple cleared out closet with hangers or a coatrack will do the trick. “I really don’t appreciate having to dump my coat and bag on someone’s bed like at grandma’s house. I think when someone hangs up your coat you’re like ‘okay, this is an event, it’s not just a free for all.’”