Mandy Moore Shares Updates on the Progress of Her Home Renovations: 'I Love This House'

Moore and Goldsmith currently share a temporary pad, but she says they have yet to set up a real home together

Mandy Moore gave an inside look at her new Pasadena home on her Instagram story Tuesday.

The This Is Us star expressed excitement as she shared updates on the renovations going on in her home, which she will share with fiancé Taylor Goldsmith.

“Here we go,” she said as she joked that it was like an episode of HGTV. “We’re about three weeks away from moving in.”

The actress, 33, showed off a new garden in the process of planting in the walkway of her home saying, “we didn’t have [this] last time,” and then turned the camera onto Goldsmith briefly.

Mandy Moore/Instagram. Inset: Vincent Sandoval/Getty

While the couple need more time to complete some renovations before they move in, Moore showed off their bedroom which was full of doors, calling it the “door factory.”

“We have a refrigerator, and painting is still happening,” she said, listing off the things that needed to be done.


“We have lighting! We have a bathtub…and a showerhead and lights,” she continued, talking about the bathroom. As she turned toward the kitchen, the actress showed off the overhead lights in the form of hanging orbs.

She also shared one of the couple’s closets, saying, “I love this house but the closet space… leaves a little to be desired. But, we’ll make it work!” In the backyard, a large pool takes up a sizeable space.

Mandy Moore/Instagram

Moore and Goldsmith currently share a temporary pad, but she says they have yet to set up a real home together.

“We do live together, but because we don’t have our own space that’s ours right now, we haven’t really ventured into the blending of [our] things,” Moore told PEOPLE in July. But the actress and singer do have plans for several special features in her new place just for Goldsmith.


“He has a ton of books and records, so we made sure in the design of the house that we’re doing a lot of built-ins and bookshelves,” she explained. “I think he’s very sentimental about his stuff and I’m not, so I don’t understand that as much, but I’m very compassionate about it and sympathetic.”

Moore is a little more hesitant about accommodating one giant must-have for the musician. “He really loves his piano and I’m like, ‘Babe, it’s not going to fit with the whole color scheme of the house,'” she said. “That’s my biggest hurdle at this point, figuring out, do we replace the piano or do we just let this shiny, black upright piano go in the middle of the house? We’re going to figure that out.”

Moore sold her former home, which she shared with singer Ryan Adams, in October after living there for 14 years. She purchased the house in 2002, the year A Walk to Remember hit theaters.

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