April 13, 2018 04:00 PM


Mount Kilimanjaro left a permanent mark on Mandy Moore!

The This Is Us star fulfilled her dream of summiting the highest peak in Africa in March, and she won’t soon forget the experience thanks to her new tattoo.

“The mountain. Forever commemorated,” the actress wrote alongside a photo collage of her ankle, which now sports a line design representing the world famous volcano in Tanzania. “Thank you @winter_stone for the reminder of what we accomplished.”

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Moore didn’t ink alone — friend and fellow climber Chase Weideman got the same design on his leg. “I lived on her. And we survived off of and on her, and I walked every step all the way to the top of her, with my best friends,” he wrote in his post.

The pals got their commemorative marks at Winter Stone Tattoo in Los Angeles, which specializes in black and grey ink tattoos, according to its Instagram page. Daniel Winter appears to run the California business, and takes requests via email.

Mandy Moore/Instagram

Before embarking on the climb, Moore revealed that the hike had been at the top of her bucket list since “the age of 18.” Although she’s since returned from the excursion, which she undertook with friends and her fiancé, Taylor Goldsmith, the bride-to-be is still reminiscing about her journey.

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“I miss the daily rituals and customs that became forever engrained in the fabric of what this experience was,” she said. “I also miss the simplicity of it all. We were only tasked with one goal every day: to find our breath and put one foot in front of the other. No distractions, no other responsibilities. How liberating!”

And while the adventure may be over, her new tattoo is forever!

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