The flight from Chicago to Hong Kong had to make an unplanned landing in Alaska

Sometimes flying can be a dirty business — just ask the passengers on United Airlines flight 895.

Their flight was well on its way from Chicago to Hong Kong Thursday when the plane had to be redirected to Anchorage, Alaska, due to a “passenger spreading feces everywhere,” according to Ted Stevens International Airport Police.

As KTVA reports, an adult male smeared the walls of several bathrooms. He also took off his shirt and attempted to stuff it in a toilet. When approached by the flight crew, the man was reportedly cooperative, and was seated when they made the unplanned landing.

After touching down in Alaska, FBI agents and airport police were there to greet the traveler. He was interviewed by both, and then taken to Providence Hospital for a psych evaluation. Although authorities are still investigating the incident, no charges were filed.

Unfortunately for the remaining passengers, they were grounded in the chilly state overnight for maintenance purposes. According to the outlet, the airline provided hotel accommodations to help make up for the inconvenience.

Airline travel has been littered with odd incidents in recent months, from a wife discovering her husband was cheating and forcing an emergency landing to pilots slapping each other and abandoning the cockpit mid-flight.