The realtor stops by the show one last time before his move to Paris

By Megan Stein
July 06, 2017 10:00 AM

Luis D. Ortiz is back!

The Million Dollar Listing New York alum moved to Paris earlier this year, but he couldn’t relocate for good without one last cameo alongside the series’ current stars Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant..

In this exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s episode, Ortiz gets together with Eklund and Serhant for a last meeting of the real estate broker minds, and in true MDLNY fashion, the conversation almost immediately escalates to PG-13 levels.

“I just had surgery on Friday, I had to take out my gallbladder,” Ortiz reveals swiftly after joining the others. “I can’t have sex.”

In a rare moment of agreement, rivals Eklund and Serhant have the same reaction of “For how long?” before the group segues into the reason behind Ortiz’ abrupt decision to change his address, which was sparked by the Oscar-winning movieLa La Land.

“For some reason I felt great that night and I went back home and I started drinking wine, and I put on the radio and it was French music and I was drinking a Bordeaux,” he explains. “And man, listen, I felt like I needed to get out of New York.”

Although it all sounds as “romantic,” as Ortiz says it is, there is one factor Eklund brings up that remains a little bit of a head scratcher: “Have you ever been to Paris?” he asks.

To find out the answer, watch the clip above and tune into Million Dollar Listing New York Thursday at 9:00 p.m. EST on Bravo.