LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom

Amazon Shoppers Found 'Hands Down the Best Humidifier You Can Buy' — and It's on Sale

Reviewers say it’s fantastic for keeping indoor plants healthy while soothing dry sinuses and chapped lips
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It's not just the nip in the air that you're feeling — humidity is steadily dropping alongside temperatures as we inch closer to peak fall and early winter. The increasing dryness can not only wreak havoc on dry sinuses and chapped lips, but also on other decor in our homes, such as tropical plants. That's where a powerful humidifier for large rooms comes into play, and Amazon shoppers say Levoit's 6-liter humidifier is "hands down the best humidifier you can buy." 

With more than 12,000 five-star ratings from reviewers calling it ″outstanding,″ ″super quiet,″ and ″worth the money,″ Levoit's humidifier has been crowned one of the top choices on Amazon in its category. It can cover rooms up to 735 square feet, according to the brand, and its 6-liter capacity allows you to keep the machine on for up to 60 hours. The humidifier produces both warm and cold mist, making it ideal for year-round use, so all the better to snap it up while it's on sale right now as part of Amazon's early holiday deals.

Buy It! Levoit 6-Liter Humidifier for Large Rooms, $74.57 with coupon (orig. $89.99); amazon.com

Levoit's humidifier is one of the most versatile options available on the market: The machine has an auto mode that self-adjusts its mist-producing levels to a keep a steady level of humidity in your room, so turning the machine on before you go to sleep or after you wake up is all you need to do to maintain a comfortable living space. It even has a side aroma box that you can fill with essential oils to turn the humidifier into an aromatherapy machine, and a reviewer said it works so quietly, they even had to check to see if it was even on. 

Shoppers can't stop singing its praises for how well it has helped with dry noses and sinus problems. "This humidifier is compact, sleek, and has an easy user interface," said a reviewer. "I studied in Austin for my undergraduate, and the air there was extremely dry, which caused my lips to always be cracked, my dry eye to flare up, the skin on my face to be dry and dull, and my nose to also feel dry yet runny. After purchasing this humidifier, my skin health improved drastically within a week, my dry eye was much less aggravated, and I could breathe without my nose feeling dry."

Another reason shoppers can't recommend it enough is how well it works for maintaining a humid environment for indoor tropical plants to keep them healthy. "I have 35 house plants and winter is really hard on them humidity-wise, this is my favorite humidifier [I've] ever had," said a reviewer, while a fellow plant parent said their "plants are thriving and new shoots are literally growing each week" thanks to Levoit's humidifier. 

Plus, the humidifier is so easy to clean and refill that a shopper said it's "all in all one of the best, if not the best, humidifiers [they] have ever seen." Shop it on sale now at Amazon while the discount is live. 

Buy It! Levoit 6-Liter Humidifier for Large Rooms, $89.99 with coupon (orig. $99.99); amazon.com

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