Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Even Roomba Lovers Are Impressed by This Robot Vacuum — and It's Under $100 at Amazon

This bot picks up so much dust, hair, fur, crumbs, and anything else dropped on the floor”
By Amy Schulman
July 12, 2021 11:00 PM
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If you've been waiting for an opportunity to snag a robot vacuum cleaner that doesn't cost three digits, now's the time: Amazon has slashed the price of the highly reviewed Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner to under $100 thanks to a $50 off coupon — but these extra savings aren't guaranteed to last much longer. 

The robot vacuum has been upgraded with new technology, including anti-collision and anti-dropping sensors that prevent the device from accidentally falling down a flight of stairs or banging into pieces of furniture. It's built with four cleaning modes, including auto clean, spot clean, wall follow clean, and manual clean which can be selected from your phone via the included smart app. A strong motor and 1,800 pascals of suction power pick up everything from pet hair to dust and debris and won't clog thanks to a rotating brush. 

This appliance differs from similar robot vacuums because of its smaller body — measuring 11 inches — which can glide into tight, narrow spaces others might have difficulty maneuvering. Plus,built-in lithium iron phosphate batteries generate a longer life,running for up to 100 minutes at a time before the vacuum needs to head back to its charging base.   

Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $94.99 with coupon (orig. $144.99); amazon.com

Over 2,000 shoppers have given the Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner a perfect rating, with reviewers noting it "cleans every corner" and is "great for pet hair." Even a user who owns pricier vacuums says, "I have two expensive Roombas and so far, I much prefer this product."

"We recently put hardwood floors in our bedroom and have a yellow Lab," one five-star reviewer shares. "Needless to say, hair builds up regardless of how much we sweep. This model was on sale on Prime Day so I ordered one. At first I watched it and was concerned it wouldn't get in some of the corners, but I let it go and when it stopped, the room looked great. All the corners were done, under the bed, everywhere it could reach. It is small enough to get in lots of tight spots. I was so impressed, I took advantage of the sale and bought another one."

"I love this robot vacuum," another shopper says. "I never realized how badly I needed it and worried about trying one. I have three floors in my townhouse and have used it several times on my main floor. This bot picks up so much dust, hair, fur, crumbs, and anything else dropped on the floor. I get to sit on my couch, watch TV, work — anything but vacuum my main floor." 

Head to Amazon and shop the Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner for just $94.99, and don't forget to click on the coupon to snag those extra savings.