See Leanne and Steve Ford Tackle a 'House of Lucky Charms' in Restored By the Fords Sneak Peek

Restored By the Fords returns to HGTV on March 19 at 9 p.m. with back-to-back episodes

Sibling duo Leanne and Steve Ford are back!

In a clip teasing the second season of their hit HGTV show, Restored By the Fords, the brother-sister home renovators attempt to make some interiors magic in a family’s dated house in their hometown of Pittsburgh, Penn.

“Growing up, Steve was always the handyman, and I was always the creative one,” Leanne, who is expecting her first baby in March with husband Erik, says in the episode. “Not much has changed, except now we take on quirky homes and turn them into works of art.”

Adds Steve, “I love to see what Leanne does—it’s amazing where she’s able to find inspiration.”

Restored By The Fords

During the season opener, Leanne’s former high school lacrosse teammate and her husband ask the pair to help them transform their Craftsman-style house into a more welcoming retreat. In a clip that premiered exclusively with PEOPLE, the Fords take on the challenge by putting drywall on the ceiling, tearing down walls in the living room, adding French doors, exposing the brick fireplace and painting it white.

“This is the house of lucky charms,” Steve declares in the clip, as they uncover some old brick under the fireplace facade. He teases Leanne by using one of her favorite quotes. “It’s light, bright and airy, right.”

“Stop quoting me,” Leanne says, but Steve plows on in a show that proves you’re never to old to bicker with your siblings.

“Is it the pièce de résistance?” he mocks, to which Leanne responds, “Ok, that’s worse. Keep painting.”

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Steve goes on to explain that there are “lots of Leanne-isms” (aka phrases that his sister uses all the time when decorating), and begins counting them on his fingers.

“Bright and airy, pièce de résistance and voila, which is magic talk,” Steve says.

“I hate when you say that word,” Leanne responds while visibly cringing.

Winnie Au. Winnie Au

During their second season, the Fords will take on a number of new home projects, and Steve even asks Leanne to help him design his first house — a bachelor pad located in an abandoned 1940s warehouse near downtown Pittsburgh.

In addition to their new season of Restored By the Fords, Leanne and Steve’s new digital series Ford Family Classics will premiere on HGTV‘s digital platforms. In those episodes, the siblings will review their childhood home movies as they are joined by other members of their family along the way.


The pair are also currently working on revamping the famousBrady Bunch house alongside other HGTV stars and six of the original cast members from the hit 1970s sitcom for the forthcoming show, A Very Brady Renovation, which will premiere in 2019.

Need to catch up with the Fords before season two? The full first season of Restored By the Fords will be available on demand across all of the network’s digital platforms and their app beginning Tuesday, March 5.

Restored By the Fords returns March 19 at 9p.m. ET with back-to-back episodes on HGTV.

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