Lea Michele Reveals Her Gwyneth Paltrow-Approved Travel Tip That You Can Steal Too — For Free!

The bicoastal actress and singer shares her top travel tips

Lea Michele has the inside scoop on how to kick jet lag, and not only is it surprisingly easy — it’s free!

The singer and actress, 31, credits Gwyneth Paltrow for sharing the tip on her lifestyle and wellness website, Goop. Her travel hack? : “Go for a really long walk, get your body moving” right after you land, Michele told PEOPLE , explaining that a lengthy stroll helps her to feel more comfortable after a long flight.

Michele and Paltrow are on to something, according to Travel + Leisure. Not only is a walk around a new city a great way to get your bearings, but it also helps to keep you awake and adjust your body clock to your new time zone.

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“I think that airplanes are amazing, they get us to see the world, but they can be very difficult for our bodies,” says the singer, who is constantly traveling between New York and Los Angeles and touring the U.S. and Canada with former Glee costar Darren Criss.

“They’re incredibly dehydrating and they can mess up your digestive system, so I try to do everything that I can on the plane to feel as comfortable and stay as well as possible,” Michele explains.

In order to stay healthy and well-rested for her rigorous schedule, she’s refined her travel rituals to help her make the most of her time in and out of transit, including partnering with Marriott Moments, which she says helps her to take advantage of local experiences once she hits a new city.

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“I really do have quite an extensive travel routine, rituals, products and things like that,” she admits. “It starts with what I bring on the plane with me. I try as often as I can to bring foods that I love and that are healthy, whether it’s blueberries or carrots, packing some avocado toast, a great tea brand that I love, or just making sure that I have a MacroBar or a KIND bar, something like that with me — or even just a handful of almonds so that I can be snacking on healthy foods.”

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Beyond keeping good snack choices on hand, Michele swears by hot water with lemon, which she drinks throughout a flight, and a few carry-on essentials: “I love using a Thieves [essential] oil, it’s a great way to sort of ward off any germs,” she says.

As for how she keeps her skin hydrated despite her frequent flying, she reveals, “I’m using Summer Fridays’ face mask right now. It’s their Jet Lag Mask, and it’s so great because you put it on your skin before you fly and when you land it literally looks like you were not on a plane, so that is so fantastic.”

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