Even as a kid, the *NSYNC alum had a bit of a unique style.

By Madison Roberts
December 03, 2018 11:45 AM
Tru by Hilton

Even as a kid, Lance Bass had a bit of a unique style.

The former *NSYNC star tells PEOPLE that even though he moved so many times growing up, he put a lot of thought into the decorations in his childhood bedrooms.

“I loved ducks at one point in my life, so my room was full of duck wallpaper,” Bass says of his most unusual design inspiration. “Very eclectic.”

In another phase, he decked out his room with a more conventional kid motif, in honor of his favorite series.

“When I was a kid Transformers were my favorite thing, so I had the Transformers sheets and the window treatments,” he says.

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Now, the TV star, who recently partnered with Tru by Hilton to host a Connect 4 tournament in celebration of its 50th hotel, is continuing his love of design and home renovation. After placing a bid to buy the iconic Brady Bunch home, but eventually losing out to HGTV, Bass is likely going to be involved in the network’s filmed renovation of the beloved house, which will air in 2019.

A Very Brady Renovation will see HGTV stars pair up with original cast members from The Brady Bunch to turn the inside of the house into a replica of the set used for filming.

Bass says he is still unsure of his role on the show.

“It’s still disappointing that I didn’t get to purchase the house that I wanted,” Bass admits. “I had some really great ideas for it, and I was really upset in the beginning because I thought a realtor person was going to come through and tear down the house and destroy the legacy of that home, but I was very excited when I found out that HGTV got it because I knew that they would really treat it with respect and keep it the way that we all loved it.”

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In the meantime, though, Bass and his husband, Michael Turchin, will be expanding their own home in preparation for welcoming their first child and actually plan to flip a few houses of their own, including one in Palm Springs, California.

“I’ve renovated several homes,” Bass says. “If I had my own renovation show, I would include my husband a lot because he is an amazing interior designer and artist, so I think his vision would be beautiful.

“We haven’t started one yet, but we are in the market for a Palm Springs place to flip just because I think it would be so much fun to work with the aesthetic,” he says. “The era of the ’50s and the ’70s—that would be really fun for us to play with.”

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And although Bass considers himself an adventurous designer, he says his favorite part of the renovation process is a little more destructive.

He says, “I love the conception part but my favorite day is demo day where you get to get a hammer and get all your frustration out.”