See inside the Bravo star's charming U.K. home she shares with her husband and their two children
Credit: Margarita Karenko for Mini Magazine

London is (permanently) calling for Juliet Angus!

The American star of Bravo’s Ladies of London, her husband Gregor and their two children, Georgina and Truman, have been hopping around their adopted city for years without fully committing to a piece of property. But their days of temporary living may be behind them.

“This is our fourth home in London in seven years,” she told Mini Magazine. “We are still renting as we just received our indefinite leave to remain in the U.K. last year, which means we can stay basically forever now.”

Because they moved frequently, Angus’s current abode — which she describes simply as “functional” — has been a work in progress when it comes to its design.

Credit: Margarita Karenko for Mini Magazine
Credit: Margarita Karenko for Mini Magazine

“I haven’t decorated a home in London yet — we brought our furniture from our home in Montreal and have slowly been getting rid of it and replacing it with new pieces,” she explained.

A flexible mind frame hasn’t stopped her from putting a signature spin on a few spaces, though.

Credit: Margarita Karenko for Mini Magazine
Credit: Margarita Karenko for Mini Magazine

“I knew exactly what I wanted for [Georgina’s] room, but I didn’t know where to source things,” she said. Her interior design-savvy co-star (and sister-in-law to Angus’s friend, Dubai-based Caroline Stanbury) Sophie Stanbury lent a hand with finding bold pieces, but it was designer Matthew Williamson who helped finish her daughter’s statement canopy bed in style.

“Matthew is a friend, and his prints are so fun!” she said.

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Credit: Margarita Karenko for Mini Magazine

Her closet boasts plenty of space for the fashion blogger’s stash — “I spend more on clothes now than I ever have before as it’s now my job!” — while her calming living room serves as a spot to unwind with the whole family.

As for where she spends the most time with her cute clan, though, it’s surprisingly, “The kitchen,” she said. “Although I don’t really cook.”

For the full look inside Angus’s home and life as a mom of two, visit Mini Magazine.