Just one of Jenner's heart-shaped arches incorporates about 2,000 red roses

By Mackenzie Schmidt
February 15, 2019 03:24 PM
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You can’t put a price on true love! But you can put one on an aisle of massive rose-covered heart arches.

Kylie Jenner showed off an over-the-top display installed in the entry of her Hidden Hills, Calif., mansion on Valentine’s Day. The scene featured a series of heart-shaped sculptures completely covered in red roses and lining a mirrored aisle. At the end of the candle-lined walkway was a neon pink heart light.

While the makeup mogul, 21, played a song by her boyfriend, Travis Scott, 26, in the background of a video of the scene on her Instagram stories, she didn’t outright say it was the father of her one-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster, who was responsible for the eye-catching installation.

Whoever shelled out for the hearts, however, paid a sizable sum: about $67,000 according to one floral expert.

Ashley Greer, a florist and owner of the D.C.-based Atelier Ashley Flowers, who worked on the Obama White House Christmas trees, helped PEOPLE break down the likely cost.

Jenner’s “love tunnel,” she says is “a modern twist on a very 1960s Old Hollywood Valentine set” that Greer associates with Marilyn Monroe. Jenner shares an affinity for the late bombshell actress, and has a series of Andy Warhol’s portraits of her lining the staircase in this same foyer.

Greer credits the tunnel, which incorporates a series of 8-ft., 7-ft., 5-ft. and 3-ft. hearts, to floral designer Jeff Latham, a favorite of the Kardashian-Jenner family, who also decorated Kylie’s entry with a 20-foot gold tree for Christmas.

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“The first and largest heart was made from over 2,000 red roses,” says Greer, who identifies the varieties as Red Freedom and Red France roses. “At the Valentine’s price of $8 a stem, it quickly adds up.” Including labor and delivery, she puts the price tag of the first heart alone at $25,000.

The second heart, covered in Pink Floyd roses, comes in at around $20,000, while the smaller two are about $12,000 and $5,000, respectively, she says.

Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty

“This is of course isn’t including the 20 clusters of romantic French white pillar candles inclosed in glass,” says Greer, who puts them at $125 per group, for a total of $2,500.

While she points out that similar heart-shaped neon lights are available on Amazon, this one is likely custom. Garrett Turner of Brightly Ever After, a company that specializes in neon signs, estimates a 4-ft. heart like Kylie’s would cost $800.“What really ties the whole look together and adds the over-the-top element, is the custom red mirrored aisle,” says Greer. “It looks as if it has been put together in pieces, and would probably range around $2,000.That brings the tab for the average person trying to replicate the scene to $67,300.The KarJenners are no strangers to fabulous holiday displays. Greer estimated Kylie’s custom Christmas decor to cost about $13,000. Kourtney Kardashians’s came in around $26,000. And mom Kris Jenner bested the bunch, with a tally up to about $157,000.RELATED: Kylie Jenner’s Designer Reveals How Travis Scott Influenced How She Decorated Their ‘Family Home’This year, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, took over hosting duties from Kris for the family’s annual holiday party. That fete, which saw the couple’s $60 million Southern California property covered in real snow, the construction of a hill for sledding, and a massive party tent disguised as a snow-capped mountain erected in the backyard, was orchestrated by celebrity event designer Mindy Weiss, and Greer estimates, cost around $1.3 million.