Kylie Jenner Shares the Thing She Misses Most When She's Away from Home

The star takes to snapchat to reveal her favorite room in the house, secret snack storage and where her private elevator will go...eventually

Kylie Jenner is a homebody. No really.

It’s no secret that the 18-year-old has lately become a real estate maven. She purchased a $2.7 million “starter” house in Calabasas last year after receiving some serious words of wisdom on home ownership from older sisters Kim and Khloe. And moved on up to some $6 million digs in Hidden Hills in May.

Kylie gave a casual tour of her latest acquisition on snapchat last night and it became clear that the places she chooses to call home are far more than savvy investments. Having just returned from a trip, Kylie pans across her beautiful marble-clad cook space and sighed, “I missed my kitchen.” And who wouldn’t long for such a stunning space? Especially since the star has been dipping a toe in the culinary world.

It’s not the first time Kylie shared a bit of homesickness on social media. Just a few days ago she posted a selfie on Instagram with the caption “missing home.”

Later in the tour, declaring “I’m hungry,” the star steps into her hyper-organized pantry, where woven baskets hold dry goods, while cereals, cookies and baking essentials are decanted and labeled in clear canisters. “You can never say a girl’s not organized!” she declares, quickly revealing her personal assistant had a hand in the apparent pantry porn: “This isn’t me though, this is Victoria,” she says with a laugh.

Continuing on her tour, Kylie makes a stop at the top of a grand staircase to lean over a doggy gate and remind her doting pups that they’re not allowed in the bedrooms due to some past transgressions.

The last stop? Her private elevator. Sadly still not up and running, it has tape over the door. “This is where my elevator’s gonna come. Hopefully sooner than later,” she says.

The 7,000-square-foot, New England-style residence certainly didn’t need much work when she bought it, but given how she tricked out her previous place, we can’t wait to see how Kylie continues to explore her inner interior designer.

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