Kris Jenner Once Got Locked in Daughter Kylie's Glam Room: 'She Locked Me In!'

In a video with Architectural Digest, the mom-daughter duo dish on what makes their houses feel like home

Kylie Jenner likes to keep her valuables under lock and key, but once, she accidentally secured more than just her makeup.

In a video interview with Architectural Digest, Kylie’s mom Kris Jenner revealed that she once got stuck in the lavish glam room in Kylie’s Hidden Hills, Calif., mansion, which was featured in the magazine’s March issue.

“Fun fact, Kylie put a lock on her glam room door and I went in there one time and I couldn’t get out,” Kris says. “She locked me in.”

“I put a lock on my glam room, yes,” Kylie admits. “If you go and you close the door, no one can get into my house.”

The makeup mogul, 21, also dished on her glam room essentials, which first and foremost include a “variety of Kylie Lip Kits,” along with great lighting and a comfortable chair, much like the two bright pink swivel chairs she currently has in the space, which she says her mom helped her pick out.

According to Kris, Kylie also seemingly had a little extra help picking out the hanging swing in her living room, which Kris says Kylie “hijacked from Kim and Kanye.”

Douglas Friedman/Architectural Digest

In the video, the mom-daughter duo also dished on the type of home they would never buy. For Kylie, that’s a modern home with a bunch of floor-to-ceiling windows.

“I would never buy a house with a lot of windows,” Kylie says. “That makes me uncomfortable.”

“That would be like living in a fishbowl,” Kris agrees.

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But Kris has two criteria for what makes or breaks her ideal home: it must have a fireplace and it can’t be on stilts.

“I would never buy a house without a fireplace. Fireplaces are really important to me,” Kris says. “Even if it’s like 80 degrees outside, at 5 o’clock the music goes on, the candles get lit, there might be a martini somewhere, and the fireplaces are on.”

Douglas Friedman/Architectural Digest

She continues, “I would never buy a house that was on stilts. No, [you’re] just waiting for an earthquake.”

For both of them, no matter how your house is decorated what really matters is making it feel like a home.

“The things that I might have passed down to Kylie are some of the cozier rooms and just the comfort of fireplaces and making an amazing kitchen,” Kris says. “Just the way that we both like to entertain is really important to both of us. Kylie loves a good party and she’s a great hostess.”

Vivien Killilea/Getty

And while Kylie agrees she got her hostessing skills from her mom, she also says that family holidays in her home growing up were “the best,” and noted that she still gets Easter baskets from her mom to this day.

“[I learned about] having a beautiful home that’s really organized and put together,” Kylie says, “and how much a home can change when the music is on and the candles and the fireplace [are lit], like you always do.”

“It’s fun to create those memories and those moments,” Kris says.

Adds Kylie, “It is fun, and that’s definitely what I hope to pass down to my little Stormi.”

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