June 20, 2017 01:55 PM

Forget a surprise party at home, Kim Kardashian planned a surprise vacation for husband Kanye West‘s big 4-0.

“I surprised him with a trip to Japan, a place that he loves to go to get away and get inspiration,” Kardashian, 36, told the hosts of The View on Tuesday. “It was great for me because I’ve never been and we had always talked about how we really wanted to go together.”

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The couple, who also recently celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary, jetted off to Tokyo last week, for an under-the-radar visit. The superstars managed to “sneak away” and “have no media” while they explored the city without drawing too much attention. “We would put on hoodies. We took the train. No one bothered us. It was great,” Kardashian says.

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Though their tryst was short lived as news began to spread the couple where visiting the city — “It got a little crazy towards the end,” Kardashian admits — but she maintains it’s crucial for the very public couple to have the occasional low-key vacation. “It’s great to get away when there’s no noise and just us. That trip was really special.” she says.

Before the East Asian leg of their birthday world tour, the pair enjoyed another trip with their children, North, 4, and Saint, 18 months, to the Bahamas, where the family spent West’s actual birthday on June 8.

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