The KUWTK star's holiday tutorial is a comedy of errors with a few great takeaways

Khloé Kardashian is a domestic diva for a new age.

She’s got a gift for organizing everything in her home, from her medicine cabinet to her tea drawer, with Pinterest-worthy perfection. But her self-described Khlo-CD has just met it’s match. Kardashian, 32, is not exactly a natural with wrapping paper.

In a new video on her app, the Keeping up with the Kardashians star attempts to share her secrets for packaging a beautiful holiday present, while wearing the customary ensemble of nude bodysuit and oversize frames, but things go downhill fast. While her wrapping technique is relatively successful (check it out in the full video on her site), the potty-mouthed celeb ends up cursing her tools, namely scissors that don’t glide and double-stick tape that won’t hold. “Kris Jenner would be so disappointed right now,” she says of her mom’s feelings about her subpar instructions.

A necessary switch to her preferred satin tape does the trick, however, and she ends up with an acceptably wrapped gift. The ribbon portion of her tutorial goes much better, with a helpful tip about how to create a cute cut out at the end of your bow panning out perfectly.

Kardashian does offer one other piece of advice about choosing your materials wisely: “Do not buy glitter wrapping paper. That sh*t gets everywhere. I’ve done that a few years and my whole family gets mad at me.”