September 06, 2016 02:32 PM


Khloé Kardashian keeps things hot in the bedroom — when it comes to her candy supply, that is.

In a new post on her app, Kardashian shares her bedside table necessities, which she describes as, “a pretty intimate part of my life.” While they include the usual suspects, like lotion and headache medicine, an uncommon late night snacking staple also makes an appearance: Hot Tamales.

“Some of the stuff is expected (hand cream and reading glasses), but other items (like my Hot Tamales) are essential, too!” Kardashian says in the post.

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Here are a few of her must-have products (and treats!):

Hot Tamales. “My favorite candy and indulgence while working in bed.”
Lavender Roll-On Relaxing Essential Oil from L’Occitane, “to help me relax and fall asleep.”

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Excedrin, “for my frequent migraines.”
Nubian Heritage Mango Butter Hand Cream, “quenches my dry skin.”
A lighter, “for all the candles in my room.”
Reading glasses
“Purple is my favorite color, so of course my notebook/journal is in my fave shade.”
“I read the Bible frequently to help me feel connected to my God.”

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Candy and a little pampering before falling asleep to the soothing scent of lavender? That’s a bedtime routine we can get behind.

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