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By Braelyn Wood
May 21, 2020 09:00 AM
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The coronavirus pandemic forced many people to get creative with their home workouts — and that includes celebrities. Reese Witherspoon practiced yoga outdoors, Kate Upton held her daughter during squats, and Brooke Burke worked out using just a chair. Their clever approaches prove you don’t need expensive treadmills and high-tech bikes to get in a good sweat session—instead, you just need a little determination.

Another celebrity that swears by affordable home workout gear? Khloe Kardashian. Despite having a gym in her home, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed in an interview on her sister Kourtney’s wellness site, Poosh, that her favorite fitness equipment includes affordable essentials like resistance bands, sliders, and ab wheels.

A jump rope was the first item on Kardashian’s list. She said the portable pick was a go-to when she wanted to get serious in the gym and raved about the benefits of jumping rope, which include “burning major calories in a short time span” and "improving bone density and coordination.”

You can shop a variety of jump ropes online — including this high-tech smart rope by Tanagram — but your best bet is an affordable one, like the PBLX jump rope. It still uses ball bearings for maximum rotation and has comfortable foam handles, but retails for just $12.

A resistance tube kit was also in Kardashian’s top picks. She told Poosh that it’s a great gym alternative during quarantine to build and maintain muscle. Her favorite is a set by her trainer Dom-N-Matrix, but it’s currently sold out (like most resistance bands). Instead, we recommend  this 3-in-1 resistance band kit with interchangeable cords so you can easily transition between light, medium, and heavy resistance.

Credit: Gaiam

Additional equipment on rotation in Kardashian’s workout routine include sliders and fabric resistance bands (you can opt for fabric over elastic bands to prevent the band rolling up). These budget-friendly items can increase the intensity of everyday workout moves like squats, planks, and pushups by activating additional muscles. You’ll get a deeper burn and improve your body strength faster.

Kardashian also recommended an ab wheel. The expert-approved workout tool is a great alternative to doing crunches or sit-ups as an abdominal workout because it keeps your spine aligned in a neutral position while working your abs and back, Chris Matsui, director of Fusion Performance Training in NYC, previously told Shape in an interview

Shop these Kardshian-approved home workout picks, below.

Credit: Target
Credit: Target

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