The mom-to-be shares her best advice for a spotless home just like hers

By Megan Stein
March 13, 2018 02:07 PM

Even Khloé Kardashian knows her organizational habits are a little over-the-top.

My Khlo-C-D is a trait that definitely makes my life easier, but the work involved is pretty intense,” she admits in a new post on her website. “But, don’t get it twisted, dolls — I like to work smarter, not harder.”

The mom-to-be surprisingly achieves the above in the same way many of us do: by relying on little tips and tricks that make cleaning less of a hassle. Even better: The Keeping Up star is sharing her secrets to saving your house (and your mani) from total chaos. Here, a few of her favorites:

Save Your Shoes:
“Stinky sneakers blow! Freshen them up by sprinkling baking soda inside them, letting it sit overnight, and then, in the morning, tap them out. Voila! You’d never even know you had a beasty workout in them!”

Credit: Khloe Kardashian/Youtube

Make Your Ring Bling:
“Jewels seep up as many germs as our hands, so cleaning them on the reg is essential. This is so random, but after washing them with dishwashing soap and a toothbrush, try a squirt of ketchup. It’s totally miraculous how shiny it gets everything (even silverware and tarnished pots).”

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Cure Your Cookware:
“Hardcore scrubbing your pots and pans can really screw up a solid mani! Try soaking a nontoxic and biodegradable dryer sheet in them for about an hour and any baked-on food will disappear!”

Make Peace with Pet Hair:
“It’s gross, but we obviously can’t blame them! Easy trick: Use a squeegee on your couch or carpet. You’ll get such a sick satisfaction from all of the dust and hair that immediately comes up.”

Keep Fan Blades Bare:
“Ceiling fans are so tricky because when you wipe off the dust, it settles on everything below. Place a pillowcase over the entire blade, which will keep it all enclosed. Such a simple but good trick!”

For her full list, click here.