Everything Kendall Jenner Is Buying for Her New House, Including a Tubular Velvet Designer 'Nest'

From Restoration Hardware to a pricey tubular "nest" sofa, see where Kendall Jenner is buying everything for her new home

Kendall Jenner - Home
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Kylie may be the self-confessed homebody of the KarJenner family, and Khloe’s hyper-organized Khlo-C-D closets certainly induce some major house envy, but Kendall Jenner has been leading the pack of late when it comes to interior design savvy.

The model has been working with sister Kourtney’s decorating guru, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, to outfit her new Los Angeles home. The Million Dollar Decorators alum counts Cher, Christina Aguilera, Tommy Hilfiger and Eva Mendez among his clients. He’s been consulting with Kendall for months about her interiors, but, as she points out in a new post on her website, the pair is just starting to make some real progress on the place. “I really only have one room fully decorated — my living room,” she says.

“Slowly but surely, my house is finally getting decorated!” Jenner writes in the post. “It’s definitely a process and a lot more work than I anticipated. I’m glad I’m taking it slow and only getting things I really love.” Back in July, she bought her first major piece, RH Restoration Hardware’s Cloud Sofa.

“It’s just the most comfortable seating around,” Jenner said, of the sofa, which starts at $1,150, adding, “The most important thing is that I want everyone who comes over to be able to chill and vibe out.” She’s since picked up two more pieces from the high-end retailer, a “cozy rug” and “marble coffee table,” to complete the space. PEOPLE confirmed that the latter is RH’s Marble Plinth coffee table.

Restoration Hardware
RH, Restoration Hardware

Kendall has also started picking up some items an amateur decorator likely wouldn’t find on their own. “My interior decorator, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, has been a huge help in finding unique pieces,” she says. One such purchase is the Boa sofa by famed Brazilian designers the Campana brothers. “I realized I’d been really good and came in way under budget on my furniture allowance,” she says. “I got super excited and bought another amazing couch.”

The unique and pricey piece is made from 394 feet of stuffed velvet tubing and has no frame, so “you can sit on it, lie down or curl up” according to the Italian retailer, EDRA. The site also details that the sofa’s tubes are “filled and covered by hand. Four people work simultaneously and in synchrony for more than a week. Two full days are dedicated to the final weaving.”

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Of her inspiration to purchase the unusual and snuggly seating option, Jenner says, “One day, I just had a vision about the entry room and knew exactly what it needed. As soon as I saw the couch, I fell in love. [It’s] all woven and a really groovy navy with purple shimmer. It works perfectly in the space!”

While she still has a long way to go to decorate the whole six-bedroom house, she’s not worried, saying, “[I] am having so much fun along the way!”

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