Inside Kelsea Ballerini's 'Southern but Sophisticated' Nashville Townhouse

See inside the "Dibs" singer's stylish home, decorated with interior design site Laurel & Wolf

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Kelsea Ballerini's 'Perfect In-Between' Home

Dustin Walker/Laurel & Wolf

Country music sweetheart Kelsea Ballerini may spend much of her time on the road promoting her debut album, The First Time, but in her downtime she’s kicking her feet up at her Nashville townhouse. “It’s the perfect in-between from a downtown apartment and a house-house,” the 23-year-old ‘Dibs’ singer tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, on newsstands Friday. After entrusting her previous rental to online interior design service Laurel & Wolf, she says, “It just made sense to team back up with them” on the new, larger space, which she envisioned having a “Southern but sophisticated” feel. The result? “I got to come home to my dream home," she says.

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Cushy and Cozy

Dustin Walker/Laurel & Wolf

“The sectional is literally like you’re sitting on a cloud. Getting off of it is a daily struggle for me,” Ballerini says of her favorite spot in the living room. Although the plush sofa looks right at home now, Laurel & Wolf designer Kimberly Winthrop says getting the furniture inside the singer’s new townhouse was no easy feat. “In the end, of course, it worked out, but it was truly nervewracking as each piece went up and down the stairs,” Winthrop tells PEOPLE.

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Starter Kitchen

Dustin Walker/Laurel & Wolf

“The guitar art on display above the kitchen is one of my favorite things in Kelsea's home!” Winthrop says of the graphic display. Ballerini, however, was more concerned with the functionality of the fresh, white space. “It’s finally a place that’s big enough to have people over and cook meals,” she says. “I’ve never cooked as much as I have lately and I’m stoked on it; I love it.”

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Neutral Gathering Space

Dustin Walker/Laurel & Wolf

“I’ve already had several friends over for dinner and I feel like it’s a really good hosting house,” Ballerini says. The calm color scheme was a must for the singer, who is nominated for the Best New Artist award at the CMAs on November 2. “My whole tour and branding as an artist is all super bright,” she says. “So I think when I come home I like it to be completely the opposite.”

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Soothing Scene

Dustin Walker/Laurel & Wolf

A serene bedroom was a must for the busy Ballerini. “It was most important for her to have the master bedroom be a relaxing oasis, someplace where she could completely unwind,” Winthrop says. "We incorporated blue and neutral tones, which reminds Kelsea of her vacations to the beach.”

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Dream Dressing Room

Dustin Walker/Laurel & Wolf

Ballerini’s gorgeous “girl cave” closet is every fashion lover’s dream, with plenty of pink, “super bright and girly” wallpaper and, of course, lots of clothes. One piece that’s particularly meaningful to Ballerini is a glittery dress she proudly displays on a mannequin. “Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum is like my big sister. I was over at her house and we were going through her closet and playing dress up in, like, her Grammy dresses, and she ended up giving me that dress,” Ballerini says. “It’s one of my most special hand-me-downs.”

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Girls' Night Glam Spot

Dustin Walker/Laurel & Wolf

The closet has already served as a squad hangout — “I had some girls over the other night and we walked into the house, got a glass of wine, and just sat on the floor of my closet,” A desk in the back also makes a sweet area for the singer to work. “The last few days I ended up putting my laptop there and made it my desk, too, because it’s just a fun creative space,” she says.

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Musical Memorabilia

Dustin Walker/Laurel & Wolf

A dedicated music room is “definitely the most creative feeling room of the house,” for Ballerini. The painted guitar hung in the middle of an arrangement above her couch was the singer’s first. “I got it when I was 13, and my mom was like, ‘I’ll help you buy it if you save up half,’” Ballerini recalls. “So I saved up $100 and she paid for the other half and I bought that guitar.” Once she moved on to an “actual big-girl,” instrument, she had a friend paint the original and she’s had it hanging ever since. “It just has good vibes on it,” she says.

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Inspiring Vibe

Dustin Walker/Laurel & Wolf

“Since the home is new construction, I really wanted to bring some earthy elements in to warm up the spaces,” Winthrop says. Rustic wood accents throughout complement Ballerini’s southern-chic vision — “I’m from east Tennessee and that’s what I love” — come to life in the music room. The singer’s proudly displayed albums add to the inspirational aesthetic of the space. “Hopefully the next album will be written in that room,” she says. For more details of Ballerini’s chic space, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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