Kelly Clarkson's Talk Show Green Room Just Got an Off-the-Wall Makeover — See Inside!

The daytime talk show's celebrity green room got a colorful makeover from Chicago-based artist Kristi Kohut

Kelly Clarkson’s celebrity green room is now a multi-colored masterpiece!

The Kelly Clarkson Show host enlisted Chicago-based artist Kristi Kohut to bring her bright and bold style to one of the talk show’s green rooms, where her celebrity guests hang out backstage.

“We were inspired,” Clarkson said of Kohut’s work. “I love color. I think I need it. I’m one of those people that can go real zero dark thirty, so I’m like let’s bring color in!”

Kohut, who is known for her colorful and glittery mixed media artworks, incorporated her signature stripes as well as her home décor collection into the space. Whimsical throw pillows add a pop of color to the mustard yellow armchairs and light grey couch, while patterned rugs and poufs featuring original artwork adorn the floor.

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Carter Smith/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty; Kristi Kohut Studio
Kristi Kohut Studio

“My work is considered mixed media and I love incorporating an array of materials,” Kohut writes on her website, adding that there is a “mesmerizing effect created when unexpected colors and textures are combined.”

Kristi Kohut Studio

The new green room is certainly mesmerizing — particularly the eye-catching wallpaper mural, designed specifically for the space. “I wanted to design something that had a lot of color and energy and movement,” Kohut says of the bold stripes in an exclusive behind-the-scenes video tour of the room. “To me, color is like the notes in a song, and the way you put the combinations together, you really evoke a cool feeling.”

Another focal point is an iridescent work that reads “RADIATE LOVE,” which Kohut says “seemed like the perfect piece for the space” as host Clarkson “just radiates love, and so does everybody around here.”

Kristi Kohut Studio

Clarkson invited Kohut on the show recently to talk about where she gets her inspiration and to walk the Voice coach — along with celebrity guests Anna Camp and Bradley Whitford — through a demo of how to create a piece from her “LOVE” series.

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“My next guest is an amazing artist known for her colorful masterpieces. In fact, her work is the inspiration behind one of our celebrity green rooms. It’s so beautiful!” Clarkson said as Kohut joined her onstage.

The artist then walked Clarkson and her guests through her creative process, and the “Catch My Breath” singer couldn’t help but laugh about the final state of her own piece as she admired Kohut’s work.

“It looks like a geode, like a magical geode,” Clarkson said of one of Kohut’s agate designs.

Kristi Kohut Studio

In addition to the cozy and colorful new space, the singer announced some more day-brightening news on Nov. 18: The Kelly Clarkson Show was officially renewed for a second season.

“The show would be nothing without all the guests and the audience there and the vibe and everything,” Clarkson said in a video on the show’s Twitter account. “So we really appreciate it. We’re workin’ hard for y’all and we’re glad you’re diggin’ it. So here we go, season 2! Yes!”

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