Katie Maloney Moves Into 'Peaceful' New Apartment After Leaving 'Dream Home' With Ex Tom Schwartz

The Vanderpump Rules star opens up about how she’s starting to create her own space on her podcast

Katie Maloney's Instagram Story
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Katie Maloney is settling into single life in a new apartment.

"It has been quite a week, a long week and I'm tired," Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney, 35, admits in the June 10 episode of her podcast You're Gonna Love Me titled "I Moved Out!" The reality star recently left behind the home she shared with her ex Tom Schwartz and moved into an apartment — something she's having complicated feelings about.

"I don't even know how I feel," Maloney shares, noting she's "struggling and hurting at times" and experiencing everything from "grieving" to being "a little bit at peace."

In addition to the emotional toll of starting over in a new space, Maloney says her "body feels like it's broken," after the labor of the move. "Moving is hell," she adds with a laugh.

Maloney said an emotional goodbye to her "dream home" last week and explains on the podcast that she can't afford to stay in the house given its hefty mortgage, maintenance, and property taxes on her own.

Katie Maloney Says Goodbye to Home Amid Divorce
Katie Maloney. Katie Maloney/Instagram

She is already making plans for her new apartment, turning it into "my own little space, my own little sanctuary."

Maloney revealed she's "been having fun planning what I want it to look like, what I want the vibes to be" and shared she wants to create a "relaxing" aesthetic with "lots of plants, kind of an Art Deco-y, chic, colorful vibes. I want it to feel fun but also peaceful."

She's already working on DIY projects, including painting IKEA furniture, and has "invested in some pieces," like a deep-seated, velvet green couch from Pop Up Home.

On June 12, Maloney posted a mirror selfie (top) in her new bedroom to her Instagram Story, sharing a glimpse of the feminine decor with pink and white bedding and a traditional rug. "Same mirror, new location," she wrote on the snapshot.

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Schwartz and Maloney first announced their split on their respective Instagram accounts on March 15 and a week later, Maloney filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court, PEOPLE confirmed.

On the March 18 episode of You're Gonna Love Me, she shared that she and Schwartz were still living together in their house after making the decision to end their relationship.

"We're just trying to navigate these steps together, and, you know, really work on becoming friends," she said.

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