Kathy Griffin Is 'Not Proud' of the Man Cave in Her New $10.5 Million L.A. Home

The comedian's mansion is "a big middle finger to Hollywood and all of Beverly Hills and other snooty neighborhoods where I don't really belong."

Kathy Griffin moved in next door to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West about two months ago, but she’s already in love with the “grand but comfortable” vibe of the 13,400-square-foot, $10.5 million Bel Air mansion, where she lives with her boyfriend, marketing exec Randy Bick. “This is my dream house, for sure,” the comedian tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

“It’s a big middle finger to Hollywood and all of Beverly Hills and other snooty neighborhoods where I don’t really belong,” she says, so she’s embraced the home’s “over the top” elements. In addition to an infinity pool and a sprawling garden, she says there are some “ridiculous rooms” sprinkled among the 8 bedrooms and 10 full bathrooms (plus two half baths!) in the home.

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“I have a wine cellar that’s for a thousand bottles of wine,” she reveals. “If one more person is like, when are you going to fill it? I’m thinking, I don’t know, when a thousand people come over?” Griffin jokes that her mom stores her boxed wine in there.

Though she’s embraced her home theater (“I’m down there watching Lifetime movies and crying, so I’m not above it all!”), Griffin admits she’s still not totally on board with the game room, or “man cave,” that came with the place. “I am not proud of the fact that I, Kathy Griffin, technically have a man cave, because I’m against those,” she says. “You men have had enough in this world, you don’t need a cave!”

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