The designer of Frances Valentine (and formerly Kate Spade New York) shows us inside her gorgeous Upper East Side apartment

UPDATE June 5, 2018: Designer Kate Spade, 55, was found dead in her N.Y.C. apartment of an apparent suicide on Wednesday. Below is the original story from September 2016.

Like the accessories she’s become famous for, designer Kate Valentine Spade’s home is bold, bright, fun and art-driven.

The New York designer of accessories brand Frances Valentine (formerly Kate Spade New York), 53, gave PEOPLE a tour of her two favorite rooms in her house for our “Hollywood at Home” series (watch it above!). The sprawling Upper East Side apartment she shares with her husband of 22 years, Andy Spade, and daughter Frances, 11, is packed with wall-to-wall art, precious photographs, stacks of books, antique cigarette boxes and more.

Right when you walk in, the foyer greets guests with floor-to-ceiling art. “It was actually one of the reasons I bought the apartment because I love the fact that you had some breathing space when you walked in the room,” Spade says. “And we decided to fill it, obviously, with a lot of art. It’s very much like our design, it’s very much like how I dress.”

She describes the art as “high-low and it’s things that we like,” she says. She also included her daughter’s artwork in the mix. “I feel like she deserves as much credit in this room so I want her work to feel as important,” says Spade.

Credit: Andrew Hetherington

The living room is another favorite room of the designer. “Honestly, I know so many people do not use their living room,” she says, “we really do.” She calls the space more “bold” than the “free-flowing” foyer, as the space’s main focal point is a large ink-blot art piece over the fireplace.

Other important pieces in the living room include a table covered in mini picture frames of everyone in her family, pieces of African art (again, a favorite of Andy’s) and a table with cigarette boxes, inspired by her mother. “We don’t use them,” she says, “I just think they look pretty.”

“I love this room,” she continues. “I just feel like it’s open, it doesn’t feel like this uptight stuffy living room that so many people never use. We really live in here.”

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to?

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