The supermodel teamed up with heritage wallpaper brand de Gournay to create a custom line for her own home

Kate Moss doesn’t just know how to dress herself impeccably, the British fashion icon knows a few things about outfitting her home.

“I love mixing old and new things, all different eras,” the supermodel, 42, tells Architectural Digest in the September issue. In her London house, which she decorated with interior designer Katie Grove — her former personal assistant—she admits to being involved in every element of the process. “I don’t want to say I’m a control freak, but I’m a control freak,” she says with a laugh.


Her interest in interiors also spawned the model’s latest collaboration, with the storied bespoke wallpaper company de Gournay. For her master bath, which features many mirrored surfaces, drapes made of sari fabric — “So no one can see into the bathroom, thank goodness” — and portraits with famous friends like the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, she channeled her favorite time of day, dusk. “Picture a summer night when it goes silvery-blue from the light of the moon,” she says. “I wanted that kind of film noir feel in here.”

The hand-painted paper she dreamed up for the space features anemones (a symbol of luck in Greek mythology) and beams of light that AD dubs “solar radiance.”

The daytime version of her dusk-inspired motif trades solar radiance for rainbow stripes and can be found in the hallway of her London home (above) and in the bathroom at her country house. Its inspiration is also perfectly Mossian: “I like the feeling of when the sun is just coming up at a [music] festival, and you have that glowy light,” she says. “This one is pastels and neons—quite psychedelic.”

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