The trick went viral on Twitter last week

Kal Penn was hoping the latest viral Twitter hack would help him with his holiday gift wrapping, but he was sadly mistaken.

On Tuesday, the Designated Survivor star, 42, uploaded a picture to his Twitter showing that he had attempted a viral holiday gift wrapping trick that was shared by Waterstones, a U.K.-based bookseller, last week for people to use if they are running low on paper.

To his dismay, the hack did not work for him. “That twitter gift wrap trick was bs,” he tweeted, sharing a picture of his failed attempt.

The actor was trying to wrap a package of socks with a smaller piece of wrapping paper, and had rotated the gift diagonally — like the hack suggested — but it still did not cover the item all the way.

Fans were quick to comment on the fact that Penn was gifting someone socks, hilariously cracking jokes about the present choice.

“Wrapping socks? Who is the lucky recipient of those?” one fan wrote. Another joked that the hack failed because of his gift choice, writing, “That’s what you get for gifting socks.

“Only works on real gifts,” a third user commented.

However, other fans echoed Penn’s frustration, revealing that the trick failed when they tried to use it while wrapping their gifts as well.

“Yes it was I’ve tried it like 12 times and it only worked ONCE,” a fan tweeted.

“I thought the same thing!” a second wrote. “Did a bunch of gift wrapping on Saturday and not one was wrapped diagonally. Instead, some have an extra piece across the bottom that doesn’t match up with the rest of the paper.”

The hack went viral last week when Waterstones shared a seven-second video of the trick captioned, “This is a public service announcement,” on Twitter. It has since been removed “in response to a report from the copyright holder,” according to a notification on Twitter.

Before it was taken down, the video showed a wrapper finding they don’t have enough paper to cover their rectangular gift vertically or horizontally, after cutting the piece too small — a frustrating fate every gifter has faced.

That’s where their holiday hack came in: They suggested rotating the gift diagonally.

Once diagonal, the gift was wrapped with ease and covered completely with the same piece of wrapping paper.

The bookseller then followed up with another tweet that encouraged people to consider reusable bags as a way to wrap gifts as well.

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