The DWTS alum loves "pops of color." "They symbolize pure joy," she says.
Credit: Justin Coit via Better Homes & Gardens

Dancing With the Stars alum Julianne Hough’s career might be hectic, but her decor is incredibly calm.

“My life is instant. I’m always on the go, and I travel a lot,” the actresstells Better Homes and Gardens in their January issue. “So to balance it all, I’ve created a safe, special place where I feel like my true self.”

The Hollywood Hills retreat that she shares with her fiancé, NHL player Brooks Laich, is decorated with “muted” tones and natural textures, but the spirited dancer and actress still likes to energize her home with a dose of drama.

“I also love pops of color,” she says. “They symbolize pure joy.”

Credit: Justin Coit via Better Homes & Gardens
Credit: Justin Coit via Better Homes & Gardens

Nothing is permanent at the Hough household, though. She and interior designer Jake Arnold purchased every side table, chair and accessory with the idea that each piece could be moved at any time and still fit seamlessly into its new room’s aesthetic.

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Hough is also more interested in the story her decor tells, rather than the of-the-moment trend it might embody.

“I like it when you can’t tell an object’s age, when you don’t know whether it’s brand new or a century old,” she says.

Credit: Justin Coit via Better Homes & Gardens
Credit: Justin Coit via Better Homes & Gardens

And though the star is no stranger to ginormous gowns, she’s surprisingly more obsessed with home goods than wearable ones. “I’ll browse a furniture store over a clothing store any day,” Hough says. “I appreciate a vase, chair, or table for how much effort went into making it.”

For the full details of Hough’s stunning space, pick up this issue of Better Homes and Gardens, on newsstands now.