November 26, 2016 10:50 AM


Joy Mangano, inventor of the Miracle Mop and the inspiration behind the 2015 Jennifer Lawrence biopic Joy, is releasing a new line of luggage, and it’s everything your travel routine has been missing.

Her TuffTech Luggage is more than just a pretty face.  Features like”SpinBall” wheels that can rotate 360 degrees ensure you’re never awkwardly pushing and pulling as you race to your gate in the airport, while the material, infused with the same materials as a bulletproof vest, can withstand that inevitable tumble down the luggage carousel.

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Ingenious Designs
Ingenious Designs
Ingenious Designs
Ingenious Designs

To protect your personal information (think passports, credit card numbers and driver’s licenses), the lining on the front, back and side panels has built in RFID blocking technology. Inside, removable drawers help organize your wardrobe so that you’re ready to go the second you hit the ground.

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But even when guarded with the best materials, there’s still the stressful matter of actually fitting everything you need into the confines of a carry-on. Mangano tells PEOPLE some of her best tips for controlling the madness:

Roll instead of fold. “That eliminates the wrinkles.”
Bring a blanket. “Always take something to throw over you when you travel so that if it gets cooler in the plane, you’re good to go.”
Eliminate spills. “Separate all of your beauty supplies so that they don’t leak,” Mangano says, showcasing her Better Beauty Case as an easy way to do so.
Slip in a dryer sheet. “These are simply dryer sheets, and you just put them in there and it keeps everything fresh.”
Cover shoes with a cap. “You have shoes, and if you’ve walked and you’ve been sightseeing you don’t want them to dirty anything else,” she says. “You can actually take a shower cap — even the clear plastic ones they have in the hotels — and you can put your shoes in that.”

For Joy’s full tips, watch the exclusive video above, and tune into Mangano’s official launch of the TuffTech Luggage, premiering September 17th at 12:00 a.m. ET on HSN.

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