'The View'' s Joy Behar Gives a Tour of Her Hamptons Home, and Shows Off the Wacky Gift She Got from Whoopi Goldberg

Joy Behar has an unusual collection in her lady cave.

“I like to have a lot of overweight women around. It makes me feel a little thinner,” The View co-host, 74, jokes, while pointing out choice paintings in her Hamptons home. “There’s nothing more boring than skinny women.”

Beyond the eclectically decorated room that she sets aside just for herself, the 100-year-old house boasts a classic style with details like corbels that, she points out in her signature deadpan, “look a little like a breast.” Personal artwork that pays homage to the street in Brooklyn where Behar grew up, a cozy fireplace, and a sprawling room just for entertaining are just a few of the standouts in the TV star’s vacation home. In the bright, white kitchen, a wacky voodoo-doll-like knife holder displayed on her counter was a gift from a very special coworker.

“This thing looks ominous, but Whoopi gave this to me for a Christmas gift one year,” Behar says. “I kind of like it, but it’s a little scary.”

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In her dining room, a round table is equipped to handle eight, the maximum number of guests she likes to have when hosting dinner parties.

“After eight I think it gets too loud and annoying and then you’re stuck with the people next to you,” she says. “This way everybody talks.”

When she’s not planning to greet guests or whipping up a lasagna in the kitchen, though, Behar is relaxing on her simple linen couch.

“I’ll plop myself in this seat, I watch TV with a glass of wine and the fireplace and I’m as happy as ever,” she says.

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