WATCH: Josh Flagg Tears Up During Emotional Wedding Speech to Bobby Boyd on MDLLA

Plus, see what other drama is in store on this season of the Bravo series

More money, more problems, they say.

The cast of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles is hitting its mid-season stride, but there are still plenty of tears (happy and otherwise) to come from the luxury realtors.

For Josh Flagg, it's his wedding day bliss that brings him to weep in the exclusive trailer above.

"We have shared more together than most do in an entire lifetime," he says in a sentimental speech to now-husband Bobby Boyd. "And we are just at the beginning."

Juggling her work and home life gets even more difficult for newcomer Tracy Tutor Maltas, who seeks help from her East Coast Million Dollar Listing pal, Fredrik Eklund.

"You've gotta have real support," Eklund advises. "You can't split yourself, trust me I've tried. It doesn't work."

Tutor Maltas's husband seems to agree, but instead is hoping his wife spends less time at the office.

"It's not all about working, working, working and then waking up one day and saying, 'OK it's time to enjoy all this money,'" he says.

Later, it's a battle of the Joshes as Flagg finds himself going toe-to-toe with new dad Josh Altman, who reveals he's taken over one of Flagg's listings.

"Now you can go f**k yourself," Altman says after dropping the news.

For the full details on the drama to come, watch the video above and tune into Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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