Josh Altman Admits He 'Cut' Fredrik Eklund Out of His Life After Finale of 'MDLLA'

"There's the Fredrik you might see on TV that you think you know, and then there's the real Fredrik," Altman told PEOPLE

Josh Altman, Fredrik Eklund
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Josh Altman has not spoke to Fredrik Eklund, his costar on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles since the Bravo show finished filming its finale months ago.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the 42-year-old real estate agent revealed he has "cut" Eklund, 44, out of his life.

"We don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but especially I'm just not a fan of ordering your own trophy. I was friends with him for a long time, and I noticed many things that I let slip, that I swept under the rug, but it got to the point where now that I'm a dad, you kind of just cut people out of your life that don't bring positive support," said Altman.

"There's the Fredrik you might see on TV that you think you know, and then there's the real Fredrik," he continued. "I don't want to make this a Fredrik-bashing thing because he's irrelevant in both real estate and my life. I just keep it at that."

Josh Altman + Fredrik Eklund
Josh Altman and Fredrik Eklund. Josh Altman + Fredrik Eklund

Altman also weighed in on what he referred to as the "real, real, horrible thing" Eklund did to MDLLA star Josh Flagg.

"I'll just respond to what you see on the show. I just thought it was a real, real, horrible thing to do what he did to Flagg, and we'll just leave it at that. But no friend in the world would ever do that to somebody. It's been confirmed multiple times since, and it is what it is, so we move on. Flagg and I, we're busy. We got great friends and family, and that's it. You move on. You cut certain people out of your life, and he has absolutely been cut," Altman added.

Flagg was also asked for his input on the matter and did not comment.

Flagg left Rodeo Realty for rival Douglas Elliman, PEOPLE confirmed in December.

"I have been approached by many companies over the years to jump ship and go on to other ventures. I never felt there was a reason before now," Flagg told PEOPLE exclusively. "Elliman approached me and I was extremely impressed with their company. Sometimes you need to shake things up."

The Real Deal first published a report from an unidentified source on Flagg's career move a week before it was announced.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh & Josh
natalie weingart/ NBC

Flagg and Altman have been longtime rivals on the show, but have mended their relationship and now star in a spinoff called Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh & Josh.

The four-episode Bravo limited series features the two stars doing deals as their friendship grows and taking on listings across the Western U.S., in Napa, Aspen and Newport Beach.

When asked by PEOPLE about whether he could have ever imagined being in a spinoff of the show with Flagg, Altman responded, "Absolutely not. I didn't think we would've been able to stand in the same room together."

"I mean, that kind of hurts, but it's fine," Altman jokes. "I always had hope when I was trying to plot how to kill Josh Flagg, I hoped that one day we would have a show."

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