The Property Brothers star plays a raucous round of Interior Design Would You Rather.

Some design quandaries can only be decided by the hindsight of history . . . or the presence of a Property Brother.

When Jonathan Scott, one half of HGTV’s real estate-and-renovation power duo, stopped by the PEOPLE studios, we put him to the test with some decorating questions for the ages in a game of Interior Design Would You Rather.

Some answers come easy to the decorating pro: Carpet vs. hardwood is no contest — he favors the latter. Master bathroom vs. walk-in closet is also an easy call for a guy who only owns eight pairs of shoes.

But some showdowns have Scott, 38, second guessing himself. When it comes to having a TV in the bedroom, the contractor has a divisive stance: “I do watch TV [in my bedroom],” he admits, adding amateur decorators should do as he says and not as he does. “You shouldn’t design around the TV. That should just be a hidden little extra,” he says.

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When asked to choose between a queen or king size mattress, Scott throws in his own third choice. “King mattress. In fact, Cali king,” says the spokesperson for mattress brand Stearns and Foster. “When you’re six-foot-five, you need to have as much space you can possibly have.”