John C. Reilly Surprises Long-Time Friend with Log Cabin Reno: 'Like Brothers From Another Mother'

John C. Reilly teams up with Drew and Jonathan Scott on their star-studded HGTV show, Celebrity IOU

John C. Reilly is feeling extra generous in the latest episode of Celebrity IOU.

The actor, 56, teamed up with Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathon Scott to help renovate the log cabin of his friend of 20 years, Johnny.

Johnny, the owner of a popular junkyard called "Funky Junk Farms" first connected with Reilly over their love of everything vintage.

"We were lucky enough that we connected right away like brothers — like brothers from another mother. We love the same things and he's a collector," Johnny said.

Reilly said that Johnny, who is also his driver, is the type of person who you can always depend on. "When you spend that much time together, you end up really coming to depend on each other," Reilly said. "John's been there for me so many times." That's why the Step Brothers star wanted to surprise Johnny with a complete renovation of his dilapidated log cabin in Funky Junk Farms.

Drew and Jonathan Scott pose for a photo with John C. Reilly inside the residence they are renovating, as seen on Celebrity IOU.

In an exclusive clip, above, viewers get to see Reilly put his carpentry skills to work as he jokes around with the HGTV stars. The scene opens with Drew asking Reilly if he likes shopping. "Well, it depends what I'm shopping for," Reilly responds.

"You can stay here and build this dream log home or you can come look at furniture options with me," Drew says. Reilly, who was clearly at a crossroads on which brother he should help, was interrupted by Jonathan.

"I'm going to need help, so you're going to stay here," he quips.

The comedian was clearly struggling with telling the identical twins apart. "One of my kids was in school with identical twins. I would never say their names because I was just so afraid to get it wrong," Reilly admits in the clip.

To add to the twin dynamic, Drew appeared outside the window of the log cabin and started to do a "mirror gag" with Jonathon, who was inside.

This bit likely confused the actor even more, "With Jonathan and Drew, I still have to like, 'Wait, what shirt was he wearing?'" he jokes. "I should just memorize — beard Drew, right?"

While the trio had some fun getting up to twin shenanigans, the ultimate makeover reveal was heartwarming for Johnny.

The HGTV stars transformed the 100-year-old cabin into a modern, warm retreat, all while still preserving its original charm. They painted the faded red logs black while boosting its structural integrity with brand new rafters.

"Oh my God. I can't believe it," Johnny says when he first sees the makeover.

During the reveal, Reilly shares how grateful he is for Johnny. "John, you mean to me what's good about the world. This is a way to honor what we see in each other," he says.

Johnny, who says the renovation means the world to him loves the photos of his beloved junkyard all around the new cozy space. "It all hit me like a ton of bricks," he says. "It feels like home already."

This season of Celebrity IOU also features Tiffany Haddish, Halle Berry, Lisa Kudrow, Anthony Anderson, Snoop Dogg and Howie Mandel.

In April, Drew talked to PEOPLE about what makes the show so special.

"When we're revealing the space and you see them with their friend. It's almost like you're seeing them 20 years ago," Drew said. "They're just being real people and you see that emotional connection. You can't help but cry because it's so touching to see these celebrities in such a personal space."

New episodes of Celebrity IOU air Mondays at 9pm ET/PT on HGTV.

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