Nothing Is 'Too Precious' at JoAnna Garcia Swisher's Laid-Back House in L.A.: 'If You Can't Live in the Home That You're in, Then What's the Point?'

"My big white couch is certainly not without its stains," the actress admits

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JoAnna Garcia Swisher and her husband, Nick Swisher, 36, were on the hunt for a family-friendly space for their daughters Emerson, 4, and Sailor, 1, and finally came across this this early 20th-century Los Angeles home. The six-bedroom, six-bathroom house now caters to both their children's needs and their busy social calendars. "Come 4 o'clock there's usually a friend or two that comes around for a glass of wine or a meal – we're always cooking or watching sports of some capacity," the actress, 38, says. "We love having people around."

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Garcia Swisher's former pro baseball player husband painted the magentic chalkboard wall in the kitchen. "He's really proud of it," she says of the display that hosts colorful homemade artwork.

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The open kitchen, which has a "neutral and classic" color scheme, is "where we make the most memories," says the Kevin (Probably) Saves the World actress. With the gray, white and black accents throughout the house, Garcia Swisher loves to use accessories, art and flowers to accentuate the space. "It's a fun and affordable way to give your room a new or seasonal feel," she says.

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"My big white couch is certainly not without its stains," admits Garcia Swisher. "There's nothing that's too precious. I feel like if you can't live in the home that you're in, then what's the point?"

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Thanks to a photo of "Poolside in Sotogrande" by Slim Aarons, the living room "has got a bit of glam to it, but for the most part it's comfortable and casual," says Garcia Swisher. As a compromise with her husband, who loves color, "I've been slowly trying to cultivate an art collection to add a little life and warmth to what feels like a very white open space," she adds.

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With a hectic work schedule and a busy home life with two girls under five, Garcia Swisher finds solace in the master bathroom that boasts a freestanding tub, hardwood floors and doors that open to a giant backyard.

Her daughters, however, will have to make do with doubling up, as Garcia Swisher reconfigured their spaces so they had bigger bedrooms to play in—but with a shared bathroom in between. "When they argue, they will always have to use the same bathroom and get over it!" she says.

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