Pregnant Joanna Gaines Reveals What Made Her Change Her 'Magnolia Journal' Cover at the Last Minute

"I always think the cover is a fun story because it's never what it seems," the Fixer Upper star says

Joanna Gaines’ baby bump made its magazine debut in a very unexpected way.

The Fixer Upper star had already decided on a photo of herself for the cover of Magnolia Journal’s summer issue when she found out she was pregnant with her and husband Chip’s fifth baby.

“Originally, we shot a cover in the Armstrong woods in Northern California,” she tells KMOV in the video above. But because she was “obviously” expecting by the time the magazine would reach her readers, she says, “I felt like, this is the season of life I’m in. We’ve got to reshoot this cover.”

So, “a week past its due date,” the designer and her team rallied to make an impromptu second shoot come together.

“It was on a Sunday afternoon and I was laying in my bed, trying to take a nap and my team texted me and said, ‘Come on, Jo, let’s go shoot a cover,’” she recalls. “So I wrangle all the kids, put on the only dress that happened to fit me at the time, which is this orange dress, did some makeup and my friend braided my hair.”

The Magnolia Journal

They found a “random” spot in the couple’s hometown of Waco, Texas — “There’s weeds growing up on the concrete. I loved that white wall,” she says — and managed to capture a sweet photo of Joanna and her baby bump.

As the theme of the latest issue is “curiosity,” Joanna also took the experience as a way to reflect on the beauty of these unexpected twists.

“A lot of times, you think these are pre-planned, but what happens best with our team is these accidental moments,” she says. “We obviously still love the other [picture] so we put in the ‘Letter to Editor’ so we could still use it somehow.”

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This isn’t the first time the HGTV host’s big moment has gone awry. For the snowy photograph that covered the winter 2017 issue, Joanna revealed that she was actually “slowly sinking and couldn’t feel my toes” while posing for the now stunning shot.

“I always think the cover is a fun story because it’s never what it seems,” she says.

The summer issue of the The Magnolia Journal is on newsstands now.

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