December 14, 2017 06:40 PM

Joanna Gaines is ready for the next season of America’s Next Top Model. 

The Fixer Upper star’s snowy cover shoot for the winter 2017 edition of her and husband Chip’s magazine, The Magnolia Journal, could have stood in for any of the reality competition’s extreme challenges. Freezing temperatures, four feet of fresh powder, a time crunch, and a giant gown all worked against the HGTV designer and her intrepid crew, but you wouldn’t know it looking at the final product.

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“Seeing it now, on the cover, I think I look graceful. I look like, ‘Oh, it’s just another day in the woods with snow.’ But I was actually slowly sinking, and couldn’t feel my toes,” Joanna reveals in a video interview with WSMV Nashville. “It was pretty crazy.”

Courtesy The Magnolia Journal

Any regular viewer of her mega-popular show knows Joanna is usually the most organized person on a job site, but she and her team played it entirely by ear when they set out for their wintry photo shoot in Lake Tahoe.

“We didn’t know where exactly we were gonna go. We just thought, ‘Okay, it’s snowing here,'” she recalls. “We parked on the side of the road and we started running because we knew someone was gonna tow our car. But you can’t really run in snow that is four foot high. So the whole thing was an adventure.”

Her voluminous gown didn’t help matters either. “The dress was so big it didn’t even fit in the car,” she says. “I remember even having to go to the bathroom and it was like trailing out of the stall. Everything about it was cumbersome.”

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Luckily, when the time came to grab the perfect shot, she says, a sled brought along by one of the crew saved the day. “I had to stand on that because I kept sinking in the snow.”

At the end of the day, the frosty group, got back in the car thinking “we did not get the cover shot,” Jo says. “It felt like every wrong thing was happening one after the other.”

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Of course, when the film came through, they saw the magic did in fact happen.

Joanna, thankfully, left the experience with no frostbitten toes and a lesson learned: “Next time we’ll bring a camera with us because we should document stuff like that.”

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