The Fixer Upper star outlined the way her shop transitions her decor for the "most wonderful time of the year."

By Madison Roberts
November 14, 2018 04:52 PM

Joanna Gaines is taking fans behind the scenes of her winter makeover at Magnolia Market.

In a video shared on her blog, the former Fixer Upper star, who just announced she and husband Chip will be launching their own TV network, detailed all the ways her Waco, Texas, store is reimagined for the “most wonderful time of the year.”

“I felt like the transformation from summer to fall was a really big change,” Gaines says in the video. “It was really dramatic, but there’s something about fall to winter that feels even more dramatic. This is one of those things that feels larger than life.”

Gaines and her creative team draw much of their inspiration from the couple’s Magnolia Journal magazine (published by Meredith, which is also the parent company of PEOPLE). So this season, they incorporated a lot of wood tones and natural elements into their decor.

“I think the biggest thing for me is just the idea of this nostalgic Christmas,” Gaines says. “We don’t need to re-think the wheel here.”

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In order to transition the space into a “magical Christmas wonderland,” Gaines begins with sketches of what she’s envisioning — like the handcrafted installation of wooden spoons dipped in crystals, or the large advent wreath made of faux garland with “Thrill of Hope” scrawled in the middle.

“Greenery is such a timeless holiday decoration, which makes it fun to incorporate in as many spaces as possible,” Gaines writes on her blog. “You’ll see greenery around the entire shop, including different styles of wreaths and garlands, as well as Christmas trees both big and small.”

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The HGTV star then brings the pieces to life with her team, and of course Chip helps out with the process. Keeping to their modern farmhouse aesthetic, one of the market’s centerpieces is a series of handmade wooden houses, which hold merchandise like Magnolia candles and mugs. Chip sealed the wood to make it match the rest of their decor.

“When you walk into the market, this is the first display you’ll see,” Gaines writes. “It was inspired by the most recent cover of the Journal. Hundreds of logs of wood were placed in these handcrafted log-stack cabins, and I just love the way it turned out. This display makes me want to light a fire and grab something warm to drink!”

Of course, as Gaines is decorating in the video, she’s also getting a head start on her own Christmas shopping, and picks up little trinkets along the way such as a red and white stocking for baby Crew and a package of hot cocoa.

“It’s always hard to come to the shop and leave empty handed—especially for Christmas—there are a lot of good finds here,” she says. “I am not leaving empty handed this time around.”

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When Gaines unveils the completed space full of lit faux evergreens, hanging snowflakes and all of the art installations, she explains that she wants the market to bring a bit of joy to all who set foot in her shop.

“I hope that everyone walks in with this childlike wonder,” she says. “That it’s like, whether you’re 80 or 5, you look up, you look around, and you’re taken back.”