Source: Chip Gaines/Instagram
September 07, 2016 11:50 AM

Chip Gaines might have the whole TV personality thing down to an art now, but he didn’t start out the goofy jokester Fixer Upper fans have come to expect.

In a new post on her website, which also includes a small excerpt from their upcoming book The Magnolia Story, Joanna Gaines shares some insight into one of Chip’s first interviews — and as it turns out, he was a little camera shy.

“He’s never met a stranger, really, and he doesn’t get nervous about much of anything,” Joanna writes. “But basically he was stuttering and stumbling over every word that fell out of his mouth.”

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Although the interview was about — what else? — flipping houses, Joanna says it ended “about as well as it started,” also mentioning that Chip’s nervous chatter may not have even provided the journalist enough info to piece together a story.

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Chip has overcome his bout of stage fright since, but one thing about his first foray into TV has never changed: he works better when he’s got his partner in crime, Joanna, by his side.

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“Don’t get me wrong, working with your spouse comes with its own set of challenges,” she writes. “But it’s very true that Chip and I balance each other out.”

Joanna promises more adorable stories of the power couple navigating reality TV life in their book, The Magnolia Story, due out in October.

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