Joanna Gaines Celebrates 'Baby Sis' Mikey Opening Her Own Store With Heartwarming Post

Joanna Gaines shares her excitement after her younger sister, Mary Kay, opened a new plant shop called Ferny's, accomplishing lifelong dream

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Photo: Joanna Gaines/Instagram

Joanna Gaines gushed over her little sister, Mary Kay McCall, celebrating her latest accomplishment this weekend.

The 43-year-old posted photos on Instagram announcing that her sister, who goes by "Mikey," reached her dream of opening her own retro plant shop, dubbed Ferny's.

"A couple things I love so baby sis and watching someone pursue what makes them come alive. So you can imagine how I'm feeling today as these two things come together!!!" the Fixer Upper star captioned the post.

"Mikey has had this dream for years and with six kids and the busyness of life, she's waited patiently to step out and pursue this creative and quiet stirring in her heart," Gaines continued. "But today she's going for it!"

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

A mix of McCall's favorite things, Ferny's first pop-up shop took place over the weekend out of her rehabbed 1967 Yellowstone Cavelier at the grand opening of Black Oak Art's Downtown Studio in Waco, Texas.

"Back then I imagined calling it The Yellow Submarine, and I had dreams of traveling around the country in an old camper searching for all sorts of vintage finds to sell at the shop... That little desire never went away," McCall explained in an Instagram post of her own.

Gaines was by her sister's side during the big day and gave her a shout-out on social media, urging her followers to stop by.

"Mikey's sense of wonder and heart for adventure mixed with her love of plants and vintage finds have helped her create something truly special. I can't wait to see all that she does," the mother of five wrote alongside her photos.

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Joanna Gaines/Instagram

And Gaines isn't only getting sentimental about her sister's milestones — she feels the same way when it comes to her oldest son, Drake.

Gaines' husband and Fixer Upper co-star, Chip, told PEOPLE in March that his wife "bawled her eyes out" when the now 16-year-old got his driver's license, despite the two being equally excited.

"Drake waited in line for an hour and finally got called up to get his driver's permit and then my 15-year-old little boy drove home with Chip and all of a sudden he is all grown up," she captioned a post about the moment last year.

The couple are also parents to Ella, 14, Duke, 12, Emmie, 11, and Crew, 2. Fixer Upper fans have watched the kids grow up on TV since the show premiered in 2013.

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