The airline is running the fun promotion as a way for people to surprise their loved ones on Christmas Eve
Credit: Courtesy JetBlue

The best present is your presence!

To get in the Christmas spirit, JetBlue is running a “Go Get Gifted” contest where five people will be hilariously transformed into actual gifts to surprise their loved ones on Christmas Eve.

Departing on Dec. 24, the airline will fly the winners and a guest on a round-trip flight to a destination of their choice.

Once they land, JetBlue employees will cover the person from head-to-toe in festive wrapping paper — complete with a bow — and deliver them straight to the doorstep of their loved ones for a holiday surprise.

To make things more fun, people will have the ability to get creative by choosing between three wrapping techniques, six festive wrapping paper designs, three bow placement options, and “precious cargo” add-ons, including bubble wrap and a “fragile” sticker.

The airline is also asking people to explain why they think they would be the “fly-est” present. The most creative responses will earn themselves the complimentary ride and delivery.

To promote the contest, JetBlue released a fun video on YouTube featuring a family eating dinner on Christmas Eve.

Though the boy covered in gift-wrap clearly sits at the table and eats, the family makes it a point to “ignore” him, ensuring that they won’t break their holiday tradition of opening presents before Christmas morning.

JetBlue “Go Get Gifted”
| Credit: Courtesy JetBlue

Since the contest was announced on Nov. 28, over 60,000 people have signed up for the fun holiday season surprise. After Dec. 12, the airline will no longer be taking entries. Winners will be notified on Dec. 15.

Those interested in the contest (and likely being the next conversation topic at their Christmas dinner) can sign up here.

JetBlue “Go Get Gifted”
| Credit: Courtesy JetBlue

This is not the first time that JetBlue has run a creative promotional giveaway.

Recently, as part of their “JetBlue for Good Month,” the airline announced its new initiative to promote traveling to do volunteer work (aka “voluntourism”) by flying a plane full of people to a mystery destination — completely free of cost.

On November 27, the brand chartered a flight of 50 people and their guests to the Dominican Republic, originally dubbed “Destination Good,” where they participated in daily volunteer and service activities for three nights.

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The volunteer efforts focused on JetBlue For Good’s three main pillars: youth and education, community, and the environment.

And months earlier, the airline ran a “Pie in the Sky” promotion, where they flew authentic New York pizza to select Los Angeles locations. More than 300 pizza pies were delivered to California residents over the course of three days in May.