WATCH: Jessa (Duggar) Seewald's 1-Year-Old Son Loves 'Fixer Upper'

Jessa Seewald

Spurgeon Elliot Seewald is a baby after our own hearts.

Jessa and Ben Seewald‘s one-year-old son has some very grown-up tastes. In addition to playing some avant garde piano pieces in a video posted on his mom’s Twitter, the Counting On star has developed a keen interest in the hit HGTV series Fixer Upper. In an Instagram video his mother shared, “Spurgie” watches the show on a laptop with rapt attention.

“Spurgie and I may just be addicted. . .” Seewald captions the clip, adding “#fixerupper.”

While most kids his age are more interested in cartoons or muppets, Spurgeon has clearly developed a keen interest in home remodeling and decorating. He’s transfixed throughout the video as the show’s cohost and interior designer Joanna Gaines lays out plans for a kitchen remodel on the show, the fourth season of which is airing now. (Gaines and husband Chip are already filming its fifth.)

The famous tot is not, however, alone in his obsession. A Fixer Upper spoof starring an all-kid cast recently went viral after Joanna shared it on her Instagram feed. The California mom who created the tiny tribute told PEOPLE in October, “Our kids are well aware of who Chip and Joanna are, because we can’t get enough of the show. It’s safe to say we are addicted.”

If he hasn’t uttered his first word yet, here’s hoping it’s “shiplap.”

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