Jeremiah Brent Says His Kids Are 'Very Calm and Chill' — Just Like His Home with Husband Nate Berkus

"There's always music on when they wake up, and the smells and the lights change throughout the day. I can see the direct impact that that has on our children," says the interior designer, who has a new collection with Grove Co.

Jeremiah Brent
Jeremiah Brent. Photo: courtesy Grove Co.

Jeremiah Brent may have two small children at home, but that doesn't mean he and his husband, Nate Berkus, are surrounded by chaos.

"We grew up in very different environments, me and my children," says the interior designer, 37, who has two kids, daughter Poppy, 6, and son Oskar, 3, with husband Nate Berkus, 50. "What I've noticed about them is they really connect to the energy of the home."

Brent is usually the first to wake, and "I light candles and always [have] music on when they wake up. The smells and lights change throughout the day, and I can see the direct impact that that has on our children," he says. "There's no yelling [in our house], and luckily we have two children that just have always been really calm and very chill."

The Nate & Jeremiah by Design star's latest collection — including hand and dish soaps, dispensers, candles and home accessories like marble trays and towels — with home care brand Grove Co. is inspired by the traditions he's created with his family in their home.

"The whole collection is rooted in the art of the ceremony, which for me means celebrating the small but really important moments that we spend cleansing, refreshing or even resetting throughout our day," he says. "It's about transforming even the simplest moments in your home into rituals of that same self-reflection and restoration."

Throughout the pandemic, both Brent and Berkus have been busier than ever as they balance multiple projects and raise their kids.

While it's not all smooth sailing, "we've figured it out," he says. "We've come up with a really nice balance, and I think we have also raised our children to respect the environment. They are part of the household, and we all take care of it together."

Earlier in the pandemic, Brent and Berkus designed and built a mini home in the backyard of their Montauk beach house, and the couple is feeling the itch to get creative again.

Jeremiah Brent
Jeremiah Brent. courtesy Grove Co.

"I had the time of my life with that. My dream is to create this atrium mini house with glass walls and make it a pottery studio," says Brent. "I had something similar to that when I lived in L.A. and I loved it. It was so restorative to have a space like that, so that's what I'm hoping to accomplish if I have time this year."

Having two designers in one home may seem tricky, but Brent says he and his husband rarely butt heads.

"We have a rule in our house that if somebody absolutely hates something, then it's a non-starter. We made that rule in the beginning of our relationship, which sounds very simple but in execution is actually really complicated," he says. "But if I say to him I really, really hate that idea, then we don't talk about it anymore."

Still, having two perspectives has often pushed them create some of their best work.

"Having a home together and children, we've realized there's a lot more than one way to create something really beautiful," he says. "We have fun in that!"

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