Megan Stein
April 17, 2017 03:17 PM

The Office may be over, but Pam Beesly lives on!

Beesly’s business-casual style was something of a trademark for the beloved character and her real-life counterpoint, Jenna Fischer, still pays tribute to it today.

“My hair dresser gave me Pam’s hair clip,” the actress tells PEOPLE. “She put it in a little framed shadowbox for me and I have that on my wall.”

Although Beesly’s everyday accessory, which clearly caught the eye of her on-screen husband Jim played by John Krasinski, might seem like an offbeat choice of wall art to some, Fischer found the gift to be incredibly meaningful.

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“I wore it every day,” she says. “And I thought it was so kind of her to frame it for me.”

Fischer, who admits she’s a “home makeover junkie” and recently remodeled her sister’s home in St. Louis for the series My Houzz, also included a special golden tchotchke in her décor.

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“I have my Dundee Award on a shelf,” she says of the trophy her character won during the show’s ceremony.

For the most part, though, the many mementos she snagged from the set aren’t outwardly displayed.

“I kept a lot of things when I left,” she says. “But when you come into my house you’ll see a lot of pictures of my friends and family more so than of my career. My house is my sanctuary.”

But if Fischer had the opportunity to move back to Scranton for an Office reunion, there’d be no hesitation.

“We all have such fond memories of working together,” she says. “The opportunity to work with those people again in any capacity would be a huge yes for me.”

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