Jeff Lewis Slams Gage Edward After His Ex Breaks Silence on Their Split: 'I Feel Sorry for Him'

"He seemed sad to me and he seemed lonely and he seemed lost," said Jeff Lewis, of his ex, Gage Edward

Jeff Lewis had some harsh words for Gage Edward on Tuesday.

The Flipping Out star, 50, opened up about his ex on the latest episode of his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live, knocking Edward for speaking out about their relationship on Instagram Live over the weekend.

"I didn't really understand the point of it," Lewis said of Edward's video stream, which marked the first time Edward has spoken publicly about Lewis since the two went their separate ways in February 2019. "I thought it was rambling [and] didn't seem to have a focus."

Edward — who is currently involved in a tumultuous custody battle with Lewis over their daughter Monroe, 3 — didn't have any response to PEOPLE's request for comment. Still, before his Instagram Live, Lewis had told his radio show listeners that his former partner was "lonely," adding that the idea of broadcasting on the social media platform "sounds a little desperate."

Similar takes came on Tuesday. "I'm worried about him, and I feel sorry for him," Lewis said.

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Jeff Lewis (left) and Gage Edward. Cindy Ord/Getty Images

"I have 100 reasons to be angry with him, and I'm not. I know him very well. He seemed sad to me and he seemed lonely and he seemed lost," said Lewis. "It affected me very deeply, actually. It affected my weekend because… I was with him for 10 years, I still care about him, even though he's done a lot of s----ty things over the past year. I still care about him, I still want the best for him. You don't stop caring."

Jeff Lewis, Gage Edward and their daughter Monroe. Jeff Lewis/Instagram

Lewis' negative words are nothing new for Jeff Lewis Live listeners, who have often heard the designer slam Edward during their brutal breakup.

The two are currently waiting to settle on a custody agreement. Edward, 35, is suing Lewis for equal shared time with their daughter, and a request to change her name from Monroe Christine Lewis to Monroe Christine Edward Lewis. A court date to settle the case is pending.

The reality TV alum also filed a lawsuit against Lewis, requesting a return payment of $125,000 Edward had previously loaned Lewis back in 2016.

Though Lewis didn't have a lot of nice things to say about Edward on Thursday, he did admit that Edward "was rational, reasonable, calm [and] composed."

"I will tell you that's not the person I've been dealing with for the past year, but I hope that this is maybe a shift and a new beginning; that maybe I'll be dealing with somebody who is a little more rational," Lewis said of Edward.

"I hope that he is in therapy and I hope that he is working through his issues and I really hope that moving forward, he will be more reasonable and be willing to compromise. If I was dealing with that person, all of this would be settled a year ago. And unfortunately, that is not what's been happening. There's been no rhyme or reason to his behavior or his actions."

Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis. Bravo/Getty

In Edward's Instagram Live, he explained that he's choosing to take the "high road" so as not to negatively influence his daughter's perception of her other dad.

"I don't ever want to put Monroe in that position," Edward said. "She's going to have her own experience with her other dad. I'm not going to weigh in on it and I'm not going to influence it. I'll never put her in that spot ... I look at my daughter as if she's 13, 14, 15, on Google one night, reading. And I'm not going to contribute to that."

"For her, I'm not going to put her in a predicament where she's influenced by anything that I think with that relationship," Edward continued. "Because, by the way, we're not talking 15 years. This is [going to be about] her first kid, this is her wedding, this is her first heartbreak. We have a long road ahead together — the three of us in some capacity. Or not. I'm hopeful for that in the future, but you never know."

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One thing both Edward and Lewis agreed upon in their separate chats? That they're better off without the other.

"I've just learned a lot about myself and grown a lot," Edward said. "That's two of the most important things; a lot more self-confidence, and I think I sort of allowed that to go away."

"I'm focusing on me, being a better dad, better person, friend, brother, son, all that," he added.

Said Lewis on Tuesday: "I personally have done a lot of changing as a result. And I don't think that would have happened if we did not break up. It did happen for me. I think I'm a better parent as a result, I think I'm a better friend as a result, I think I'm a better boyfriend as a result. So it's unfortunate that this had to happen the way it did, but there are positive things that came out of it."

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