Jeff Lewis Says He and Boyfriend of 11 Months Are in Couples Counseling

Lewis began dating Scott Anderson shortly after his split from his partner of ten years, Gage Edward, with whom he shares three-year-old daughter, Monroe

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Jeff Lewis and his boyfriend are in couples counseling after about 11 months of dating, the Bravo alum revealed.

The Flipping Out star, 49, began seeing Scott Anderson shortly after his split from partner Gage Edward in early 2019, and the pair made things Instagram official — thanks to one of Lewis’s radio show cohosts — in August.

This past weekend, the couple went to see a therapist to work out issues in the relationship, Lewis said on Tuesday’s episode of his Sirius XM show Jeff Lewis Live.

“It was nothing like I expected,” Lewis said of the therapy session, which he says Anderson suggested as a Christmas gift for both of them and paid for. “I expected Scott to play the blame game. I had walked in defensive. . . I went in there with gloves on and I was ready.”

Instead, he says, Anderson’s approach caught him off guard. “He spoke first and he said, ‘I just want to let you know this is not a b—h fest. I’m not here to prove that I’m right and you’re wrong,'” Lewis recalls. “He wasn’t crying, but he was emotional. You could tell this was thoughtful. He had said some very nice things about me, about the relationship, and why he wanted this session. Honestly, it was so touching and sweet, at that point, I was no longer on the offensive. I was no longer even on the defensive. I was just like, ‘Whatever you want.'”

Lewis credits addressing his and Anderson’s issues early as a saving grace.

“I had been to couples counseling before with previous relationships,” he said on Tuesday. “I waited too long, I think, in the past, before going. So there were already issues, there was already anger, there was already resentment. Now this was a very different experience.”

The couple of just under a year have been through some difficult times already, even taking a break from the relationship in June, when Lewis expressed that things were particularly heated in his custody battle over his the three-year-old daughter, Monroe, whom he shares with Edward.

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“I’ve got a lot of personal problems right now,” Lewis said on his show at the time. “This is a young, young relationship. The last thing I want to do is burden [Scott] with my problems. I don’t want to sabotage this. I’m stepping back. There’s just too much going on.”

The pair clearly rekindled their romance, despite the ongoing custody dispute, which currently sees Lewis and Edward splitting time with Monroe.

Before meeting Anderson, Lewis also briefly dated a chiropractor, who he says “dumped” him after he spoke about the man on the air after just three dates.

Lewis and Edward, who also starred on Flipping Out, were together for ten years before deciding to live apart in January 2019, and later officially ending their relationship.

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